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Cat lovers can include live-in cats in their travel destinations. You can hang out with cats at…
King of Cats Festival, Switzerland

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Service animals

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Animal abuse

Guinness World Records has confirmed Creme Puff the Oldest Living Cat. She was born on August 3, 1967 and lived until August 6, 2005 — 38 years and 3 days. She lived with her guardian, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas, USA.
Crème Puff the oldest cat

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A New Yorker gem

Timmy A Stay-at-home Cat
(Former Garbage Dump Rescue) 
Timmy's preference is home
Not every cat is interested in going outdoors. Many a former street cat is very content to enjoy the pleasures and perks of an indoor existence without ever stepping a paw outdoors. Timmy is one of those cats. He was rescued from a garbage dump when he was about six years old.
One of his favorite past times was to hang out by the windows and bask in the sun. Sometimes he would venture on to his Catio kitty porch (a screened enclosure ) which was attached to their living room window. His companions spent most of the day in an enclosed garden but Timmy turned his nose up at the kitty door.
Timmy hangs out on his enclosed porch
I.D. And Cat Doors For The Outdoors
Timmy’s companions spent most days in an enclosed garden. Each wore a safety collar with an elastic insert that allowed them to slip out if the collar got caught on something. Their phone number was written on the collar, rather than an identification tag. They also each had an ID microchip in their neck which was implanted during anesthesia (Information on this procedure can be obtained online, at veterinary offices and shelters). Timmy’s companions always came indoors each evening before sunset. Their guardian shook a box of cat food or blew a whistle to attract them. Dinner was served and the cat door was closed until the next morning. This was a safety measure that reduced their guardian’s anxiety and provided Timmy with companionship until the next morning. They would sleep together through the night. A neighbor installed a cat door that kept out intruders. Her cat had a special collar that was electronically matched to the cat door so she was the only cat able to go through the door.

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ..... 

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Squeaky dropped any catch into her toy basket

Citified, Misguided Hunter
I once knew of an indoor cat named Squeaky who was so citified and domesticated that on the rare occasion when she caught a mouse, she dropped it in her toy basket. She hadn’t lost her natural instinct to hunt but had no appetite or interest in finishing off her prey. Luckily, for the mouse, Squeaky’s guardian was able to rescue and release outdoors. 

A cat is a born hunter. Instinctively, a cat will hunt whatever moves. The urge to hunt is for sport as well as for food. A cat pursues something because it moves in front, not always because of hunger. It’s a challenge to be pursued until the catch. 

Victim Relief
B.G., a young and mischievous male cat, is an unstoppable hunter. Many a catch, he presents as love tokens to Sally, his guardian. She realizes they are gifts and doesn’t reprimand him. If his gift is alive, she does her best to distract him with food or his favorite toy so she can help the victim. Sally has even taken one to the vet for medical attention.
BG the unstoppable hunter
B.G. usually devours his catch, so Sally has his stool tested every few months to treat any potential problems he can contract from his ingestion. He wears a bell on his collar but he sometimes springs so quickly the bell is useless. Sally doesn’t have bird feeders in her garden or any other food that would attract potential prey.

Maggie-May dissed bedtime to pursue the hunt
Indoor Hunt
Sometimes an indoor cat shares the lure of the great outdoors. Maggie-May’s guardian Lou has a country house where they spend most of their weekends. Lou couldn’t understand why Maggie didn’t tuck in with her at bedtime. At first she thought it was because the house was new to Maggie, and she needed the night to check things out. But when Maggie presented her with a mouse, Lou realized Maggie had mice on her mind and agenda. Sleep took a second seat.

Golden Years Cat Walks With A Harness

Percy is a cat whose guardian took him for daily walks. He wore a harness that was attached to a lead. It was made of a nylon figure eight that wrapped around his shoulders and under his forelegs. Percy was first acquainted with his harness indoors. I had recommended that his guardian take him for strolls in his apartment and give him a brushing before and after so the harness would become a happy association. Percy’s walks continued until he was nineteen. Needless to say, he had a number of fans who would stop to praise and pet him during his jaunts.

Catcentric Bedtime Routine
Cats who sleep together stay together

Bedtime is a prime time for catcentric behavior. Noah, a one-year-old always slept with his guardian Vera, until shortly after the arrival of his companion kitten. The two of them slept together on the bathmat. Vera was happy that they bonded so well but sad because she was abandoned. One afternoon she left a plastic bag on the bed and she found them curled up together on it. She left the bag there to see if they would return to it at bedtime but no go. I suggested that she close her bedroom door that night to see if that would motivate them. It did and they slept with her that night. Unfortunately, that was an exception. The next day she decided to work at home and while she worked at her computer in the bedroom, they napped together on her bed. She was so excited she decided to join them. Maybe this was their segue to sleeping with her at bedtime. But once again Vera was disappointed. I told Vera that it’s not uncommon for a cat to suddenly change a long term routine. But she shouldn’t despair because Noah would, in his time, tuck in with her once again. “Let go, and Noah will too,” I said.

Hamlet's Hamlet 
(Feline Greeter at the Algonquin Hotel)
Hamlet has his surrogate kitten test out his new mat

A *multi activity mat kicked off Hamlet’s Reiki and Fitness session for the New Year. My Orion wanted his fellow working cat to have a mat like his that Hamlet could work out on, take a nap, meditate or simply be admired by his staff and hotel guests. Take a look at Hamlet’s reaction.

* Mat custom handmade by Karin Ripp

(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

Orion extends a blissful tail and @whisker wave to 2017 and wellness.

First, @whisker waves to a few of his fun faves  …... 

 ** Mutual Affection

** Pussy Cat Power -- Orion supports strong women, especially their strong themed hats

** Orion snow watcher would prefer to be "snow catcher"

Click here for the video
** To wrestle with his big red mouse is big at toy time. 

** Hydration time at his wellness water fountain
Click here for the video

** Nods of bliss with his Loofa Cat

** Blissful Dust Buster massage 

Click here for the video
Next, @whisker waves to other cats who follow their bliss -- 
** Tiggrr's fitness fun is Catnip Garden Nip  See video  ** Biggie plays King of the Mountain

See Catnip Garden Nip

** Jasper opts for a full body stretch   See Sisal Rugs Direct     

And finally @whisker waves to The Reiki glow 

Pip And Meli -- No More Cat Fights
(Recovery from post-vet angst) 
The following progress report made my day.
“Well Carole, Pip and Meli have mended their relationship. We’re once again a loving family and thank you for your guidance.” See their video ....

I updated their vet Dr Rutherford at Westside Veterinary Center where I am in residence.
(Click here and scroll down to Meli’s Vet Visit Spooked Pip in December's Blog)

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