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** Animal cruelty is now a felony in all 50 states.     

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** It's been a long time coming to keep animals from harm. Good news is we also have those who give love and care.

-- Here’s someone who hugs stray dogs to give them the love they never had.  Read more 
-- And someone else helping animals walk again.  Read more 

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** Mayor's Alliance Adoptapalooza 
The Mayor’s Alliance Adoptapalooza at Union Square was an over the top success for adoptees. So many found homes. 

I was able to give Reiki to Banksy, a seven year old dog who was left behind.

Bansky, 7years old and abandoned

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who .....

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Aries Is Now An Attack Cat
(Aggressive Cat Syndrome)
Aries is a player
“I do hope you can resolve this,” said Sara. “ We don’t want to give Aries up,” but he’s turned on me, even drew blood. I’m terrified, especially, because there was no provocation before his two attacks.

Sara had rescued Aries from the street where she had seen him for at least two weeks. She decided to move him in with her family, and they had him vet checked and neutered. That was seven weeks ago. But now Sara had become his enemy. 

Aries Needed His Own Space
Fortunately, their house had a few floors. Aries was kept in Adam’s bedroom on the third floor, so Sara could keep her distance. Once his main person, now he barely tolerated it when she left food for him at the top of the stairs. Aries now favored her son Adam, a high school senior, and was friendly with Adam’s younger brother and Sara’s husband. 

“I feel so betrayed and left out,” said Sara, “but yet I know somehow he feels I betrayed him.”  

I scheduled a home visit to evaluate the situation.

Toy Therapy
Aries meets robotic kitty
“Aries is a total player,” said Adam as Aries darted around Adam’s bedroom after one of the toys I had gifted. Sara sat outside the bedroom with the door slightly ajar so she could participate at a distance. 

An Anti-Anxiety Drug Was Needed
The vet had recently started Aries on Prozac, and this had eased some of his tension towards Sara so she was able to hang out with him briefly when she delivered his food three times a day. 

He slept with Adam at night and shadowed him whenever he could. Maxi, the family’s eight-year-old dog, stayed mostly on the first floor, so Aries rarely saw her.

“I’ll be satisfied for Aries to even tolerate my presence and interaction so he can stay with us and I’m not victimized,” said Sara. “So what do you think, Carole? 

Aries’ Prognosis
I told Sara the Aries prognosis was promising. I felt that if they followed his behavioral treatment program, together with the auxiliary support of the Prozac, Aries would recover from his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which had triggered his attack cat syndrome. He had experienced probable kitten deprivation, abandonment to the streets, and Sara had become his tension target. Somehow she reminded him of whoever had mistreated him —she was now his tension-aggression target. “Also, Aries is clearly the Michael Jordan type,” I said as he darted after the laser point.

Treatment Program for Aries’ Attack Cat Syndrome
  • Place an enclosure at the top of the stairway so Aries’ boundaries can be expanded.
  • Toy therapy intervals during the day.
  • As Aries integrates new coping mechanisms Sara can visit him for short intervals, separate from his three feedings.
  • Affirmations — tell Aries he’s becoming so mellow and trusting. This will help to deflect his anxious demeanor.
  • Play his musical link repeatedly to recreate the positive effect of his session.
  • When Aries becomes more at ease, consider the adoption of a feline companion.
“Ah it all figures,” said Sara. “Aries is so easily over stimulated, and he gets frustrated when he can’t work out his energy. We will definitely consider a companion anon, and you can guide the introduction.”  
For Maxi Reiki to soothe arthritis

Reiki for Maxi  
Before I left, Sara introduced me to Maxi whose arthritic discomfort slowed down her gait. I gave her a brief Reiki treatment (Read more) and reminded Sara to be in touch with a progress report. 

What a lucky cat and dog to be members of this caring family.

Orion's Catitudes
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

Bela and Dash, two former rescues, play together with the MultipetToys that Orion gifted and endorses.
MultiPet toys a welcome gift

Patches is another newly adopted rescue. She always finds herself to the flowers.

Orion’s faves for May .....    

** Cat Doesn’t Fall (Read more)


** Karma

** Generosity
Brigitta, The WheelChair Cat Adopts Lost Kittens

** Orion congratulates the matriarchal Pippi who now 
permits her two much younger cat-mates to dine
with her. Click here and scroll down to see Pippi’s Nutrition

Pippi deigns to dine with her consorts

How Desi Wooed And Won Over Nero
(New Cat Competition)
Nero & Desi -- the inseparable Duo
“My Nero is seventeen, very territorial and hasn’t lived with another cat for about ten years,” said Gerri’s cousin.“ You could bring your cat Desi along, but it’s a gamble.”

Well Gerri moved in with Desi, who was greeted with a stream of hisses. But Desi was unphased and followed Nero under the bed, despite Nero’s repetitive whining. Perhaps it was Nero’s way to complain and object. 

Desi was neither disturbed nor deterred that Nero was bigger and older. Nero would immediately exit a room if Desi entered. Desi was still undaunted.

No Longer the Interloper   
Slowly, consistently, within two weeks, Desi’s focus and determination made chinks in Nero’s armor. No longer the interloper! They groom each other, play fight and even pass the bowl of food over when one has had his fill. 

There is almost never a time when they are separated. 
Evidently, Desi has a lust for older males, and Nero now has a consort. "If ever you decide to move out, you can’t take Desi, because he and Nero are so happily bonded,” said Geri’s cousin.

I find this a classic and brilliant example of a how a cat’s focus and persistence prevails and conquers. 

Bergenfield Library Presentation -- I Adore My Cat But  ......
Orion sent his robotic cat-mates to be my co-cat-speakers.

Here they are 
Robotic kitties

There were many questions 
One of the attendees wanted to know why her older cat was suddenly aggressive with his younger companion.

When I explained how a cat named Xena became surly for lack of acknowledgment, it occurred to her that this was a similar situation. Click here and scroll through to I Don’t Want to Give Des Away.

Drawing for a complimentary phone/ video consult
A representative from the rescue group Chance At Cat Life Rescue won the drawing for a complimentary phone/ video consult. 

Seeing so many cat-lovers made me a very happy person.

A Free Consultation With The Cat Therapist