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January 2016


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Dear Readers,
One of my cases, Leo Ram, was mentioned in Motherboard. 

Cats Revival On Broadway 
Classic Musical To Hit Stage This Summer. Previews are July 14.

The new choreographer is Andy Blankenbuehler — the choreographer of Broadway’s hip-hop smash Hamilton which I loved and my cat, 02 (Orion 2), gives a paw’s up and a whisker wave.

New York Shelter Adoptions
Adoptions are up at New York Shelters with new reforms.

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Memorial For David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust
I recently did a New York 30 second eulogy for the forever rock icon David Bowie on the Brian Lehrer show. Bowie's music already played a resonant note in my cat practice -- when I adopted a feral black kitten at a Japanese art deco restaurant on 18th Street -- the night of a party for David Bowie. This kitten, whom I named Ziggy Stardust, was the remedy for my reformed attack-cat Sunny Blue. "That may be the one way Bowie wasn't aware that his music was used -- in cat therapy!" said Brian Lehrer. 

Sunny Blue and Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust -- in needlepoint

Carole's Take on Oscar The Cat Who .....  
Will Kimmy Hurt LouLou?
New kitten competition 
Kimmy was a Sandy Hurricane Survivor, a kitten, when Drew and Diana adopted him. That was four years ago. Now, LouLou (aka Lou), a young, spayed kitten joined the family. There were a few weeks of major adjustment, but now Lou would reluctantly allow Kimmy to groom her -- for almost a hot NY minute.

"When he becomes too rough or Lou's had enough, she takes off.  Kimmy seems totally smitten with her, but we’re afraid he might hurt her,” said Diana. “He’s more than twice her size," added Drew. They had arranged for me to do a session to evaluate their cats’ relationship.

As Kimmy was the top cat or their first born, so to speak, I  focused on him while Lou hung out in another part of the apartment with some toys I’d gifted her.
A few months ago, Kimmy had nineteen teeth removed, a catastrophic consequence of Hurricane Sandy. “Let’s hope that’s the end of that residual cycle. What a hero you are,” I said.
As Drew gave him one of his favorite treats, Diana briefly stroked Kimmy’s back, while the musical link I had sent to reinforce and spark relaxation played on.  Although not an instant admirer of new people and sometimes tentative in his interactions with Diana and Drew, Kimmy slept with them at night. “I’m his sleep-mat,” said Diana. “She’s the still sleeper,” added Drew. Lou slept around --usually in the various cat trees. After a bit, Kimmy scampered down the stairs.

Lou became the next star attraction. She darted about, with her whiskers expanded and her tail in a curl, that could easily furl. Although Kimmy was twice her size, Lou was clearly of the Jennifer Lawrence mode, and he, her Bradley Cooper. “Size is not always cat-speak of power,” I said and watched her as she batted and chased one of her toys. Independent play was her template.

Like Kimmy, Lou soon wandered off down the stairs. That was my cue to give Diana a Reiki chair treatment to balance mind, body and spirit. (
As I finished Diana’s treatment, Kimmy and Lou appeared. “Ah, the two of them are here together,” said Diana. “I guess Lou decided she’d light up his life,” I said. “So what do you think of their relationship?"  said Drew. “We don’t want him to hurt her.”

Lou chills while Kimmy strategizes
Lou is Kimmy’s meow. Match-wise, they’re the total package.  He will slowly learn to respect her wish to have her private time, and she will slowly accept and share more and more of his well meaning intentions. Sure, there will be break-throughs and break-downs, but Kimmy will no longer be the “bad boy” or Loulou’s “boy toy”.

  • Delete Hurt. Let’s download to the word play. When Lou’s had enough, she takes off, and it’s Kimmy’s loss. If you feel you must butt in, distract with an enthusiastic toss of a toy, or sharp, quick yell. Otherwise, let them spin their own play in their own inimitable way. Cat spin is authentic.
  • The more time they spend together, the quicker their relationship will take off in a fun and likable way. So when you’re out, they can gad about without your butting in.
  • When Lou wants her private time, Kimmy can have his on the screened-in terrace where he can re-invent her as the Lou who copies and follows in his every paw print. 
  • Acknowledge -- Accentuate the Positive. Tell them how good they are. Be generous with your praise. You can never post too many photos or videos on Facebook. Tweet away. Don’t forget Instagram. One cat photo leads to another and another, and there’s always the Internet Cat Video Festival. Kimmy and Lou will pick up on your fun vis a vis your relaxed body language and focus. 
I ended the session with a reminder to be in touch with any questions and progress reports. Communication was the key to a relationship maker.

The Inattentive Cyclist
Basket bashed in to front bicycle wheel
As I bicycled home, there was a shout of “look out” from behind. Something rammed in to my back wheel. I was thrown to the ground, and the contents of my bicycle basket were scattered about. “It was my fault. I couldn’t stop in time. I was listening to music,” he said.
I looked up to see a 20-ish aged male. As he helped me up from under my bicycle, he told me his name was Evan. One passer by handed me my i-Pad and told me how lucky we were to be in the bike path with no other riders nearby.
A few other New Yorkers gathered up the belongings from my signature cat bag. I thanked everyone for their help and told Evan that this was a first. In my many years as a NYC cyclist, I’d never been “dis-engaged” from my bicycle by another cyclist. Evan apologized and  gave me his number so I could let him know the cost of my bicycle repairs. The front wheel was jammed in to my basket, My bicycle was un-rideable so I wheeled it on home.
My signature cat bag

That evening as I downloaded some photos on my iPad, my thoughts flashed back to Kimmy and Lou’s session and their positive reaction to Diana’s Reiki treatment. I realized how the treatment also helped to balance and limit the impact of my fall. Reiki is the tie that binds.

Kimmy doesn’t try to sleep with Lou anymore. He finally got her cues that no means no. Although their behavior sometimes seems a bit unfriendly, we realize that to them it’s play. On another note, when he gets to groom her, she succumbs as if she were in a state of bliss.

I reassured them that their cats’ relationship was an evolution in process and progress and to share in the fun transformations.

Orion's Catitudes
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue, gives his cat-speak on cat issues)

Orion sends a ©whisker wave to Hamilton’s choreographer -- the new choreographer of Broadway’s revival Cats -- previewing July 14. He blisses out on thoughts of Cats and Hip Hop.

Orion also blissed out over Snowie Bowie -- aka Jonas.

He’s pawing for more snow during this New Year -- in which he and I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, wealthy and fun filled 2016.

The eyes and tail are distinctions in a cat's expression when a cat is blissed.

 Pancho loves to groom Elie. Both blissed out, eyes closed

Figaro and Milo blissed out with eyes nearly closed and tails in sync
Robin's tail cradles Batman's bliss

Scruffy at cat therapy session -- blissed out, with eyes half-shut and whiskers out 

Orion is pleased to learn that Pet (Animal companion) food products are following innovative human food trends that are inspired by the natural and organic industry.

A Cat Devoted To His Post

Biggie's passion for his Sisal Rug Direct post delights his guardian whose furnishings are now catproofed.                

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Carole's Been Anthologized   

In The Big New Yorker Book of Cats see Lulu, The Cat The New Yorker Left Behind by Lois Metzer, Huffington Post

Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals 
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