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June 2016

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Dear Readers,

Orlando Legacy
I recently did a distant Reiki treatment for a survivor of Orlando’s Pulse Club shooting. He was on his way to bring home the two cats of his friend who suffered critical injuries from the gunman’s assault rifle. “My friend’s cats will be her legacy to me. I’m so grateful that they will become part of my family,” he said. 

            “Less available ammo for less damage equals more lives!”

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Broadway Revival Of CATS Finds Its Grizabella
Leona Lewis will star in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. 

The choreographer will be Andy Blankenbuehler who won the Tony Award for Best Choreography for Hamilton and In the Heights as well as the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Choreography for In the Heights.

Chart -topping!  Read More ..... 

The Cat Guardians Of Singapore   
Community Kitty
Every city has its strays, but here in Singapore, they are  different. Not scrawny and vaguely whiffy, but glossy and groomed and known affectionately as "community cats". 

By day, they are fed and watered by a small army of dedicated volunteer feeders - office workers heading home, hipsters heading out, aging "aunties and uncles". But at night, a hardcore of cat-lovers take to the streets.

Click Here to see this BBC report.

New York City's First Cat Hospital Celebrates
“Go Larry go!” said one of the clients, as Larry, the patriarchal, resident cat, made his rounds of The Cat Practice clientele who’d gathered for the celebration.
Larry My Co-speaker

It was 43 years ago that Dr. Paul Rowan and I co founded The Cat Practice — New York City’s first cat hospital, which is now owned and directed by Dr. Eric Dougherty. Larry joined me as co speaker in my presentation to celebrate the occasion.

High Rise Syndrome And The Righting Reflex
One of my topics was your cat and windows. Warm weather is often the catalyst for open windows that can trigger the high rise syndrome. A cat has an innate ability called the righting reflex where a flexible backbone and no functional collarbone will allow a cat to orient itself as it falls in order to land feet first. But it’s the height of a building that determines how a cat’s legs can absorb the landing shock. 

A Fall Below The Fifth Floor May Be Fatal
Usually the greater the height, the greater the probability that a cat’s landing will be feet first, whereas, a fall below the fifth floor may not give a cat’s legs enough time to orient to the fall. A cat does not have good depth perception, and a sudden step too many, and down the cat goes. 

The Righting Reflex

Cat-Friendly Windows
Screens, even half screens, if they are secured tightly and can’t be pushed aside, are protection against cat accessible open windows. Cat proof a balcony or terrace with a catio  or enclosure to protect your cat from a final dive. 

Gobbler Vs Grazer
“My female eats her food in small periodic laps, unlike her foodie brother who inhales his food and hers too — whenever he can. I can’t always separate them. Any recommendations to solve this issue” was another topic. 

Lives To Eat

 Vegies & Fruit

Food Plan To Curb A Foodie
I recommended that the foodie’s feedings could be mixed with more fiber. Some low caloric vegies (carrots, broccoli, green beans) could be mixed in with his food or melon might entice him.

There are micro chip activated food bowls where the lid opens for the intended cat 

Angst may be the catalyst to stuff his emotions with food. Attention is a must. Don’t let him eat out of frustration. Redirect his focus with enthusiastic play. Have fun, and he’ll mirror your fun.
Happy, Healthy, In The Fitness Lane

Love and attention can outweigh his need for food. Don’t make him a candidate for diabetes or any other disability. Think of him in the fitness lane. Your potential chubette can be re-invented to be healthier and happier. 

Larry -- The Compassionate Conduit
Reiki Treatment For Larry

I topped off my presentation with a tribute to my feline co speaker. Larry was rescued and saved by The Cat Practice and is now on several daily meds. But nevertheless, Larry is on staff. His Zen like presence serves as the role model of peace and compassion for the patients and their guardians. And Larry is always available for a hug from his fellow staff members. 

So now it was time for Larry to have fun with his own specially selected toy — sprinkled with catnip — combined with a Reiki treatment. Larry’s expression caps off the evening’s celebration!

The Many Meanings Of Meow
Jim was puzzled by his cat’s meows. He couldn’t figure out what they meant so he’d engaged me to do a therapy session. “I know they’re different but I can’t understand them,” he said.
Give Me Meow

As Jim  talked, his cat Sam sprawled out next to him on the couch. Sam was Jim’s first cat. He’d adopted him a  few weeks ago and Sam was now about sixteen months.

I asked Jim when Sam was most verbal? We’d start off with that meow. 
"Sam’s super chatty times are usually at feeding time when I put his food down and when I come home from work." 
“Do you notice anything similar about these meows?” I asked.
“Yes, they’re both high pitched and demanding.” 
I asked about Sam’s body language at these times and Jim told me that Sam’s tail flipped back and forth and his eyes were fixed on him. I explained to Jim that when he noticed this type of meow and body language that Sam wanted something from him. It could be an object or it could be Jim’s attention. He was letting Jim know he wanted something and pronto. 

The Give Me Meow
I told Jim that he could refer to this as Sam’s “give me” meow. But I also pointed out that when Sam meowed Jim could also read his meaning by the particular situation at that moment and what had led up to it.
“Such as?” said Jim. 
I told him that if he had just said good by to his dinner guests and Sam was uttering his “give me” cry, it was because he wanted Jim’s attention. He now had Jim to himself and wanted an exclusive on his affection. 

Jim remembered that his last guests were not cat enthusiasts and no sooner were they out the door than Sam gave out some raucous “give me” cries. Jim was bewildered so he sat down beside Sam who crawled into his lap. I suggested that he should make an effort to include Sam whenever he had company so Sam wouldn’t go into overload angst when they left. At this remark, Jim reached out to stroke Sam’s head. Sam’s tail wrapped around his body and he rested his head on Jim’s knee. Jim’s face lit up and Sam’s body vibrated with a steady, loud purr.

“What a purr he has,” said Jim.  “I understand he purrs when he’s happy but my friend told me his cat purrs when he’s at the vet. What do you make of that?”  
I explained that when a cat’s energy builds up, either out of happiness, excitement, or even angst, the purr mechanism kicks in. Of course there are those cats who never purr. 
“So Sam’s purr is a reaction to what’s happening and not always because he’s happy,” Jim said.  
I nodded and Sam’s purr seemed to get louder.  

Blissed Out Meow
Jim went on to tell me that sometimes Sam’ s purring was joined by an actual sound. It was a light, throaty sound where his whisker plumed out and his tail slowly swished. “This is what I call the “blissed out” meow,” I said and “I hope Sam has many.”  
Jim added that Sam gave this meow when he was brushed, praised for using his scratching post or when he was curled up beside him in bed.    
Sam soon became distracted, stretched out on the rug and meowed at Jim. “Ok,.Sam, I’ll come and rub your stomach.This is another of your “give me” meows,” said Jim. “What a boy you are!”
(Find out more about your cat’s meows in next month’s blog.)          

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ...... 

Orion's Catitudes 
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak on cat issues)
Hugs Not Hate

Hugs Not Hate
Orion speaks out for “hugs not hate”. Let Orlando’s brutal tragedy be the catalyst for the birth of coming together in love and understanding, instead of coming together in time of sorrow to mourn.

Finding Dory      
Fond of fish tales and tails, Orion, particularly likes Dory, the Blue Tang in Finding Dory.

The movie’s warmth, charm and such good humor is a tonic and inspiration for these roller coaster, transformative times. Read more .....

NYC Feral Cat Initiative 
Orion gives a special sterling ©whisker wave to the Mayor’s Alliance for the provision of the TNR (Trap, Neuter,
Return) Certification Workshops, available to the five boroughs of New York City. Read more ....

Cats And Hip Hop -- Let The Memory Live Again
Orion sends a ©whisker wave to Hamilton’s choreographer -- the new choreographer of Broadway’s revival Cats -- previewing July 14. He blisses out on thoughts of Cats and Hip Hop 

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