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September 2017

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Dear Readers,

Let’s have a healing moment of silence for continued support and aid to Puerto Rico and all others affected by hurricanes and quakes. 

Orion joins in a moment of silence

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A worried mother cat saves her kitten from a construction ditch.
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Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ..... 

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New Digs With Precious Objects
Not long ago I gave a workshop for The Learning Annex in Toronto. One of the attendees was very concerned about his cats and their claws. He had recently moved in with his new partner to a five room apartment.

Cat Room — Fun Room
There were several sculptures and art objects that his cats might trash — as his cats were wannabe aerialists. I recommended he could either place all of his delicate art objects and sculptures in one room that would be off limits to the cats when he was not at home or he could sequester his cats in a room with all of their comforts. This would prevent any catastrophies. 

Fitness in high motion
Crossed paws for post-fitness snooze

“But you and your partner should spend some time hanging out with them in their “Fun Room” so it becomes a catmosphere that is inclusive instead of exclusive," I said.

Room In Progress
Although he wasn’t immediately wild about my suggestion, he realized he could make this room very cat friendly. He would cover part of the wall with sisal and build cat perches along the windows so they could zone out in the sun. I told him that I admired his flexibility and his ability to turn a difficult situation into a creative challenge that would provide comfort and fun for his cats and peace of mind for him and his new partner. “Don’t be surprised if it becomes their fave room, and maybe yours too."

A few days later I received the following message:
My partner and I are excited about this new cat gig. Thanks for the inspiration.

It’s important to realize that your cat’s claws form a cool paramount part of your cat’s identity that you don’t want to compromise.

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A Cat On His Favorite Post
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Orion's Catitudes
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

Orion’s faves for September …... 

Cats Are Compassion Conduits
With all of the natural disasters and humanitarian challenges, Orion wants to share some of his fave happy cats — gender non-specific — for healing. 

Preaching to the choir

    Happiness is bopping the Mum
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Orion remembers it's Catnip Garden that does it for him

Monkee of golden years with his Katz Kuddlerz
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BBFs share violet wand with lick here lick there
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Another New Yorker gem

New Yorker scores again

And for all the above Orion has  ©whisker waves 


Xena Felt She Was Jilted, Maybe even Ghosted, So ...... 
(Culture Shock, Rivalry, Interloper)
Xena and Des

A recent email: 
“Carole, I recently moved with my cats, Xena and Des, to a new house. When Xena started to become a little weird with Des and me, it was my wake-up reminder that she needed some extra acknowledgments. So I logged on to your blog where you wrote about them — especially the “Kick-Starter” section. 

(Refer to November Blog I Don’t Want To Give Des Away But…  Scroll down to Kick-Starter

Anyway, that’s taken care of, but please call. There’s a new sequel I’d like your input on.”


“Ah, Xena and Des appeared as they heard your voice,” said Kim. As usual, I have you on speaker phone and they know your voice from the musical links you sent us.”

As Kim filled me in, and told me how she remembered to start her guys in a small room with all of their comforts — so they had a safe space to return to as she slowly introduced them to the rest of the house — I acknowledged her for giving her guys the support they needed during this domestic transition.

Des The Protector Vs. The Interloper
“So what’s the sequel, I said?” And Kim was off and running — She told me how one night Des let out a blood curdling meow, threw himself at the window, while Xena bolted up the cat tree. Kim caught a glimpse of a cat in the bushes. Evidently, Des relived some of his old street cat behavior when he saw the cat, and he became the“protector” of his territory — a natural instinct — especially for a former street cat. Anyway, Kim purchased some special blinds for the tell tale window to prevent a repeat performance. 

When she mentioned the incident to a neighbor, she was told that this cat lived with an older couple who let him roam the streets and never had him neutered. One of his hangout spots was by Kim’s house as it had been vacant for awhile before she and her guys moved. As he was a tom cat, he behaved as a “tom” and was not a fave of the neighborhood.
Tell Tale window
“What’s your take?” said Kim.
I told Kim I felt he was hurting. With a high hormonal level and low likability rating, he was at risk. There had to be some way the cat’s guardians could be approached and made aware of their cat’s precarious welfare as an outdoor, “intact cat”. If finances were an issue, perhaps a collection could be taken to cover the cost of medical expenses.

A Triple Win
“As much as I’m pissed off about this interloper’s behavior, I do feel for him, don’t wanna dis him and will get the word out to my hood to help this guy,” said Kim.
“ It will be a ripple effect. His improved quality of life will be the catalyst for your domestic peace. Des will not have to be the “Drama King”, and the interloper will no longer contribute to the homeless kitten population.”

A Few Words From Mark Twain -- A True Ailurophile

We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it -- and stop there -- lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove-lid again, and that is well; but also she will never sit down on a cold one any more. -Mark Twain, author and humorist (1835-1910)

Hamlet Has Officially Come-Out  

Hanging out at the front desk. Official greeter

Hamlet is now officially settled in as the Algonquin Hotel’s resident cat — a legacy bequeathed to him by Matilda who’s retired to her fur-ever home in Minnesota. (Scroll to Matilda's Swan Song

Her legacy included Reiki treatments to ease and enhance Hamlet's transition as the hotel's resident cat. The treatments are now an ongoing tradition for this boy — a recovering feral rescue and a working cat.

Below, with the orange wand gifted by Orion -- that Hamlet may regift to a needy cat. 
Blissed out during Reiki
An orange wand for an orange cat. Is orange the new black?

Adoptapalooza At Union Square Park 
It was another Mayor’s Alliance event for NYC’s animals. 

Honey is indeed a honey!!
What fun!!

I was happy to be able to give Reiki treatments to the adoptees. What a loving and fun filled event this was for all the animals, the volunteers and especially the kids.
Mutual love

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