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November 2014

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Thanksgiving Greetings To You and Yours 


I will be in Montreal Thanksgiving Day through Saturday on a house call to an aggressive cat and for other cat related appointments. And Montreal is home to North Americas first Cat Cafe.  
Montreal Cafe
NYC Cafe

New York City not to be outdone .... coffee and cats.  What more could you want? Tea maybe!!!  
NYC First Permanent Cat Cafe 

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Ive been quoted in NYCitywoman in an article by Rona Cherry. 
And Elsie Maio has included her comment:
"I love how Carole Wilbourn respects the wisdom of cats. And gives us humans advice on how to thrive with them. She's the best."

Russian Cat
Really! This bank is offering to lend cats to customers who take out home mortgages. 

Do hope this trend is scrapped before the severe culture shock wreaks havoc with innocent, unsuspecting cats and disappointed guardians. 

(Baby Competition)   

“Whew, thanks for your help with Yosemite. It’s good to have the new system installed,” I said to my Apple trainer. “By the way, how’s your cat Tiger doing?”
“He continues to amaze us,” said Peter and proceeded to fill me in. His wife’s friend had visited them for a week with her near two-year-old toddler.  For the first couple of days Tiger kept a low profile as the toddler played and hung out front and center. But inch by inch, Tiger reclaimed his usual spots. When the baby shouted in his ear and pulled at his tail, Tiger would give a shake of his body, and the baby would back off.  “What’s your take?” said Peter as he checked his iPhone for our next One-To-One. 
Baby Culture Shock 
I told Peter that at first the baby was total culture shock for Tiger. Who was this little person who was the center of attention? But out of sight could lead to out of mind.  And no way was Tiger going to be the “wannabe” acknowledged and favored cat. After all he was there first, almost all of his born sixteen months.  So with a cat’s natural command of focus and endurance, Tiger side-pawed his initial baby angst and resumed his esteemed position.  In addition, he could be the baby’s alleged mentor. What a gift for the baby on behalf of Tiger -- a socially responsible cat.

(For more info on Introduction of A New Baby, refer to my books THE TOTAL CAT and THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AND CARING FOR YOUR CAT  

When Keith adopted a young male kitten to keep Rags his young cat company, Rags was not happy. He hissed at the kitten and kept his distance.  One afternoon while Keith was in the midst of proofreading his novel, he heard a splash from the bathroom. As he headed to see what happened, a call from his editor slowed him down. By the time he reached the bathroom door, Rags had a drenched kitten between his huge front paws and was licking away at his head. Keith realized that the kitten had taken a step too far, had fallen into the toilet bowl, and Rags had scooped him out. Now the toilet seat always covers the bowl, Rags has become the kitten's hero and Keith is forever thankful for Rag’s big-heartedness. 
Rescued kitten

I told Keith that the kitten took a near catastrophic leap but Rags, despite his new-kitten-discontent, took a “big-heartedness leap”. 
“And I’m forever grateful. Such a power of example,” said Keith.

Carole's Take on Oscar The Cat Who .....  


A Cat Devoted to his Post 

Biggie's passion for his Sisal Rug Direct post delights his guardian whose furnishings are now cat-proofed.
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“Sounds like you and Allie are doing well as a twosome,” I said to Lane. Merlin, her senior cat, had passed on several weeks ago. Lane had called to update me on Allie’s subsequent behavior. She told me that Allie was the same old Allie and also, a little bit of Merlin. Now Allie slept closer to Lane as Merlin used to do. She
didn’t even appear to be upset when Lane was away from home for several hours. (For more info. on loss and grief therapy, see link to my books in Tiger Takes Charge above) 
Transitional Twist  
“I’m amazed at how well she’s adjusted. She’s only two. It was Merlin, her older sister, who called most of the shots. I thought I’d have to find her a companion immediately. But I think I’m more upset than Allie,” said Lane. I told Lane that she should let Allie lead the way. This would be their transitional time. If she noticed any of Allie’s behavior was un-Allie like, we should talk. As for now, the two of them could get to know each other on a one-to-one basis. I agreed with Lane that the loss of Merlin was surely more of a “transitional twist” for her than for Allie.
Cat Sense 
Allie could probably sense Merlin’s down-hill climb long before there were clinical signs. A cat is a medium for fluctuations in energy, so Allie’s radar was in sync with Merlin’s body, mind and spirit. “Merlin felt a lot different to Allie before there were detectable signs,” I said.
“As they often say, a day at a time,” said Lane. I thanked her for caring enough to be in sync with what Allie preferred and needed. Time takes time. But for now, it was best to keep it simple. Merlin would want it that way.

(Orion, a recovering feral rescue, gives his cat-speak on cat and other issues)
Thanksgiving Greetings

My Orion wants to take this seasonal opportunity to give a special shout-out to the blissed-out cats whose guardians mirror their mojo.  

Chloe is ready for her early morning brushing and loving 


Blue is the purring sleep nanny

My Orion always remembers to bliss me out when I'm about to have a meltdown.

Mutual Bliss

Mutual bliss after guardian's stressed day at the hospital


Adoptapalooza at Washington Square Park

You, too, can be a volunteer. Its holiday time.

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