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Dear Readers,

The Animal Museum in Los Angeles will have a preview at its new location in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles on October l.
The show embraces the human-animal bond.

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At The Algonquin
Matilda’s Annual Celebration and Feline Fashion Show to benefit the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s animals was a huge bonanza -- especially with the cash proceeds from the Silent Auction.
Zeus as Hamlet getting Reiki treatment

The feline fashion show scored many a #hash tag.

Orion's Surrogate -- The black robotic cat

My cat Orion’s surrogate for the benefit was his robotic, black cat, and he sent me to do Reiki treatments to balance the catmosphere.

I look forward to seeing you at the next Mayor’s Alliance Adoptapalooza for NYC’s Animals.  I will be available for Cat Speak and you can win a Cat Speak phone/video consult.

Sunday, September 18,  12 to 3 p.m
Union Square Park, NYC

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Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ..... 

Tail End On The Many Meanings Of Meow
The Hunt, Angry Attack and Panic meows were translated in my July Blog to a client who was puzzled by his cat’s meows and had engaged me to do a therapy session to explain them. Here’s the final meow.
Alert Meow
Alert Meow
I asked Jim if he had any other thoughts about Sam’s meows?  He smiled and recalled how one day Sam stood in front of the closet, pawed at the door and let out short, continuous, meows.
“That’s a classic example of what I call the Alert Meow.  He wanted you to open the door,” I said.
Jim nodded and plopped Sam on his lap. Sam immediately started to purr and closed his  eyes.  
“My neighbor told me how one morning his older cat had perched herself on top of his bedroom dresser and wouldn’t stop meowing,” Jim said. "He tried to comfort her but no way would she listen. Then he heard a rustling from inside one of the drawers. He  pulled the drawer open and his younger cat jumped out."
“Good meowing on the part of that cat. The ‘tell tale’ meow,” I said.
“Well I now have a better understanding of Sam’s cat-speak,” said Jim. As he spoke, Sam let out a high pitched meow and jumped down from his lap.
“That’s the 'give me' meow,” I said.
“It sure is,” said Jim.
It was Sam’s vitamin snack time and the end of his session. I said good bye and told Jim to call and let me know how he made out with Sam’s meows. He nodded and gave his attention to Sam whose meows were now piercing and non-stop. Give me, give me. give me, was his message!

Lulu Would Not Stop Meowing
(Vocal Angst)
“Lulu’s meow was on automatic, continuous play when we adopted her at three months old,” said Reba. “She was fine when we slept, but at the start of any activity, her meow was constant. Unless we continuously interacted with her, she meowed."
Lulu Has To Go
Reba went on to say that after six months of Lulu’s continuous, sometimes plaintive meow, her husband’s tolerance caved. He felt that she had two companion cats to hang out with but didn’t,  her vet check was a-okay, she was already spayed -- there was nothing else they could do to make her happy. So Lulu must move on.
Lulu Moves On 
There was no way that Reba wanted to part with Lulu. Somehow she felt there was some kind of a kindred or at least adventurous bond between them. So Lulu was moved to a restored barn on their property, a few doors away from the house that Reba’s elderly, retired parents lived in. She visited her parents every day and had a writing room in the barn, so she could hang out with Lulu when she was there. During the day Lulu could play outdoors and run out her energy on their cat-friendly property. As Reba’s parents sat on their porch, Lulu was non-stop entertainment. But Reba’s mother had to keep her distance. She was severely allergic to cats.
Lulu's New Home

The Catmosphere Changes
Lulu’s move was five years ago. But now there was another hitch, Reba’s parents moved from their house to an assisted living residence and the barn would no longer be available. There would have to be a new plan.
To Brush Is To Ease
As I took Lulu’s case history, I suggested that Reba brush her as she mentioned it was Lulu’s absolute fave. Clearly it was.
Lulu Loves To Be brushed
Lulu’s  body rippled with loud, purrs as Reba brushed her, and Lulu’s relaxation music played in the background.
“That’s quite a powerful but melodious purr Lulu has, and she certainly sheds a lot of fur as you brush” I said. Reba nodded and told me how she could make a rug with Lulu’s fur. I recommended that she add some Omega 3 fatty acid to Lulu’s food. The lubrication would ease some  of Lulu’s shedding.
“ What a pretty and mellow kitty you are,” I said and thanked Lulu for being such a good listener.
“Yes, Lulu is usually meow-mute when she’s the center of attention," said Reba as she stroked Lulu’s head and her purrs chimed in.“So what’s your diagnosis of my Lulu’s meow chatter?”
Lulu’s Diagnosis
"Separation Anxiety and the Single Cat Syndrome are the key elements to Lulu’s unacceptable, deviant behavior,” I said and reminded Reba that when they adopted Lulu, she was separated from her male littermate.
“ But she had our two cats to keep her company,” said Reba.
“Yes, but her bond with her baby brother was Lulu’s emotional catnip,” I said and went on to say "Lulu becomes easily overstimulated. Her meow kicks in at the start of activity -- a flashback to her anxious muscle memory when she was separated from her baby brother. She relives that trauma -- PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) -- unless she’s distracted with direct attention and/or the opportunity to safely run around outdoors."
“I understand that she’s anxious, but what’s the solution? A kitten? And if it worked out, where would they live -- with my home not an option?"
Lulu’s Treatment Plan
** Play Lulu’s therapeutic music link to relax her and recreate the feelings of her session. Give her tight hugs to release her pent-up energy. Animated animals on the computer might intrigue her.
** Adopt a very cat-oriented male kitten, with Lulu’s coloring or that of her former baby brother who will become Lulu’s fervent fan. (Refer to the Wilbourn Way To Introduce A New Kitten in my July/August 2013 Blog or my books on Amazon.)
OR there might be someone you know who has a kitten who needs a mentor where Lulu can have access to her outdoor cat-friendly activity. She may even decide she prefers the kitten’s company, and the outdoors is but a happy memory.
OR although your parents are cat-lovers, but your mother is allergic to cats -- there are remedies such as allergy shots, also known as immunotherapy. Lulu could be kept in a special part of the house where she had access to the outdoors. Your mother would be able to continue her relationship with Lulu outdoors as she did before.
** There are also anti-anxiety remedies and drugs that will ease Lulu’s angst, That can be considered at a later date.
We talked about how Lulu could remain on the property she loved so much with the assistance of high-tech electro magnetic cat houses and cat-specific props -- but that would be a last resort.
I ended the session with a distant Reiki treatment where I did the  given mental symbols in my head to create balance in mind, body and spirit. As Reba drove me to the bus, I told her that I noticed Lulu’s breathing was rapid, but that could be indicative of her highly sensitive nature. Lulu’s recent exam and tests were unremarkable.

“I’ll keep in touch about Lulu’s progress,” said Reba. “By the way, Lulu didn’t appear at the window when we left which was a good sign. She was eased and comforted by her session. Thank you for that.”

Orion's Catitudes                                                                                                                     
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

Orion sent me to review the preview of the revival of Cats on Broadway.

His feeling was that no matter how outstanding the performers were, they could only be “wannabe cats”. So with that in mind, as my sister and I walked out on the original production in ’82, I was able to stay to the end and appreciate the performance.

 ©whisker waves

This food ball appealed to Orion’s taste of fitness.

Hide your cat’s meals for exercise and fun. A really interesting article from the New York Times.   Read More 

Orion gets scads of bliss from his new dust buster  

This bodega kitty gets his bliss from a feather.

Tiger's Talk Is In The Baby Subtext
“Ever since my wife and I moved, our cat,Tiger, has become more vocal,” said Peter, one of my trainers at the Apple Store. “Could he be bummed out from the move?”
Tiger's New Digs
I told Peter that a move was always a major transition. Tiger’s “talk” was also a mirror of their reaction to the culture shock. His reaction was to vocalize; a healthy way to react to the transition.
Peter nodded but went on to say that they moved three months ago. Whenever Tiger meows, they acknowledge him and that’s the end of it, but he wondered if there was another reason for Tiger’s chattiness.
Cat Sense
“We haven’t made a formal announcement, but my wife is seven months pregnant,” Peter said. “ Do you think Tiger suspects there’s going to be an addition?”
“Oh my cat goddess,” I said with a smile and congratulated Peter on this auspicious occasion. "Yes indeed," I told Peter and went on to explain how Tiger was affected by the preparations and furnishings for the baby’s arrival. Tiger was also sensitive to the changes in his wife’s body, her breathing, moods and Peter’s increased, caring interactions with her.
That's Tiger's Ball
Keep Tiger In the Loop
“Any suggestions?” said Peter.
The more they acknowledged Tiger, the better he’d feel. With tongue in cheek, they could tell him, that they took his suggestion, and they’d soon be a family of four. Tiger wouldn’t understand their words, but he’d download his connection from their tone and body language. He’d feel in control instead of “out of control”.
I referred Peter to a CNN online article I was quoted in and told him that I was reminded of a Skype consult I did to treat a British Moogie where a baby was on the way. Read more. Scroll through June 2013 Blog.

“By the way, you can always adopt a new companion for Tiger as a major distraction,” I said with a chuckle as I tossed a cat toy to Peter.

Peter did a thumbs up and told me how the ball I’d given Tiger was such a fave of his.

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