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September 2013

THE WILBOURN WAY BLOG  (AKA Cats on the Couch)

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Dear Readers, 
The Egyptians have long appreciated and celebrated the “cat” as an exquisite being, have given us the gift of the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but now their gift of “peace” to Egypt and the rest of the world is long over due.

Temple of Dendur
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Reiki Is A Healing experience:

Carole’s Take on Oscar The Cat Who .....
My Orion clearly appears to appreciate this image, but knowing Orion, my feeling is that his feeling is that the cat and the lion should be transposed. Think about it!


Recommendations from Carole

Whenever Cookie’s guardians visit the liquor store, Cookie props himself up on the counter to get as close as he can to the shop cat. Apparently, Cookie is not a threat. A shop cat has usually seen and heard it all. As for Cookie, he has fine voyeur taste, and could be that they will one day deign to touch noses.  


Matilda, the resident cat of the Algonquin Hotel, celebrated her fifteenth birthday with a gala party. There were many wonderful cats in attendance. The Bideawee Home was awarded the proceeds of Matilda’s party. I gave Reiki treatments to the cats to enhance good feelings and wore my cat shoes to pay tribute to Matilda’s special day.

EDIE’S SURGERY (Spindle Cell Carcinoma)
Several months ago I did a behavioral and Reiki stress reduction, relaxation session for Edie. She was scheduled for surgery to remove a spindle cell carcinoma from her front right leg. It was to be a long surgery because massive tissue would have to be removed to prevent a proliferation to Edie’s lungs. Her surgery was a success. Lucky Edie healed quickly.  

Edie’s post surgery x-rays showed no residual or new spindle cells. You’ll notice she wore a cone so she couldn’t disturb her incision. 

Her latest check up was a-okay, and Edie’s Emily and Alan gave a vigorous high-five.  

  • When I gave Edie her session, I emphasized how pain management would be a huge source for her comfort.
  • She would need to be crated while she recovered to control her activity. A cat-friendly heating pad to soothe her body, lavender oil of essence to enhance her sense of scent, and the musical CD of her session would ease all of her senses.
  • I would treat Edie with distant Reiki, which would include doing mental symbols before and on the day of her surgery.
  • Emily and Adam should do some fun things to nurture themselves. Edie would mirror and embrace their pleasure.
  • They should frequently tell Edie how well she's healing, and how  her chic cone becomes her. And how extraordinary she is!
  • They should give me a progress report within a week or before if there were any questions.
So Edie is now all healed. Emily and Alan are so relieved. But Emily has one regret. During Edie’s recovery, she slept with them and curled up in their midst, but usually slept on Emily. Never before did Edie tuck in with them at bedtime and stay the night. And now that she’s recovered, she’s once again their interlude bed companion. Edie’s her independent self.
“Emily, you were Edie’s security cushion,” I said. 
Also, they noticed she was a bit disoriented when her cone was removed. 
“Sounds like it was a postpartum reaction,” I said. 
I also told them that Edie would really benefit with the introduction of the very right kitten or cat-mate. They would too. Edie would slowly lose her fear of intimacy, and her trust instinct would increase. I could help them find her new companion, and they could use my introduction. (Refer to my July-August Blog.)

Edie’s recovery is another example of all’s well that ends well.    
Don’t you think!

LILY MOVES IN                   
The rain was pouring down when Lily made her move on to the covered porch. Until that decisive moment, she’d been hanging around their house -- untouchable. That was two years ago.  She was now a member of the family’s catdom. Of the three other cats, Lily preferred Simon who was eight, three years her senior. As for people companionship, she was “Daddy’s” little cat. The feeling was mutual. With four cats and four people, four was the perfect number.

Simon with Lily
Chances are, Lily had spent most of her cat years as an outdoor cat. For a taste of the wanderlust, she had a special outdoor enclosure, which she hung out in. Sometimes Simon would accompany her.

Then there was Sunny. When I was contacted to do a behavioral session, Sunny was frequently urinating in “spots” other than the three litter boxes. Find out more about Sunny, her treatment and her cat-mates in my October Blog.

(Orion, a former rescue, will represent cats and offer nuggets of wisdom regarding Bo, the rescued First Dog -- a Portuguese Water Dog.) 

Bo has a dog-mate. Yes, Sunny, a 14-month old spayed female who looks like Bo. She’s not from a shelter, but the Obamas made a donation to the Washington Humane Society to welcome Sunny’s arrival. 
My Orion now has a duo to counsel.
For starters, Sunny can partner with Bo as poster pup for the First Lady's campaign Let's Move to solve childhood obesity and the President's campaign against Breed-specific Legislation.