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Cats Made Their Debut At The Westminster Club Dog Show
There are those cats that like to perform. A few years ago, the International Cat Association held a separate show at the Javits Center, in conjunction with the American Kennel Club, at the same time as the all-dog Meet the Breeds. That apparently stoked interest in a reprise.  Read more
At the Westminster show

Downing Street's Larry
Former British prime minister David Cameron confessed that since leaving Downing Street last summer, he misses Larry the cat. Read more

Bergenfield Library
Join me and my feline co-speaker at the
Bergenfield Library  Sunday, May 7 at 2p.m.    Read more

Curious Cat Survives Dryer
Good news!!! Caroline is going to be okay!!! There’s no internal blistering. I haven't had a chance to see her, but the tech said she was even being playful. I should be able to take her home tomorrow.” 
Caroline is a poser
"OMG She's made it! What a cat," I shouted to Orion, who responded with a tail flick. Hedy's email made my day.

Seduced By The Dryer
Last night Hedy’s 17 year old son, with good intentions, turned on the dryer. As he walked away, he thought he heard a cry. He did. It was Caroline who had crawled into the dryer. They rushed her to the vet. She was dehydrated with high white blood cells and liver enzymes. In 48 hours they would know if there was any internal blistering.

Hedy had called me from Texas to do a distant Reiki treatment for Caroline. Reiki is a healing practice that aids in the balancing of mind, body and emotional well being. Read more. 
She wanted Caroline to have every chance she could to survive with the least harm and suffering. She told me how Caroline filled their home with joy. Her three kids couldn’t get enough of her. She even took her turn on the trampoline. So there was major trampoline activity as the kids celebrated. But they still wondered if Caroline would be the same cat. Would she have any issues? Could they still play the same games?
Follow- Up Vet Visit —The Cat’s Meow

Home from the vet
Hedy’s next email was totally over the top. “The vet says she’s completely recovered. No more medication. She’s been doing great all week. Completely normal — playing, snuggling, eating and sleeping the way she always did. She even went in to the laundry room once. Such a brave kitty. I am confident your Reiki treatment contributed significantly to Caroline’s healing and why she recovered so quickly. We are so very grateful you were there and for your quick response. By the way, when we saw your cat’s photo, we thought it was our cat. 02 is a male look-a-like for our Caroline.”

Caroline is an Orion  look-alike
Be Dryer Conscious
A dryer’s toasty, snuggly interior provides an automatic invitation to many a cat to curl up in. Keep the door closed to your dryer when not in use. Attach a sign — “Check out the dryer for unwelcome passengers before you close the door to start up the cycle.”

Prevent, so you don’t have to repent!

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Luna -- Streaming Catnip
Luna, catnip streamer
When Connie adopted Chessie, she was sure her cat, Luna, would accept her with open paws.*  After all she had once lived with Connie’s two older cats who adored her. She was their adopted kitten. Anyway, no way would Luna “break kibble” with Chessie. Her m.o. was to sit outside Chessie’s door and howl away. What to do?

Chessie dissed by Luna
But, not to worry. Connie’s mother, who had alzheimer’s disease, was always a Luna lover. So when Luna moved upstairs with Connie’s mother and aide, it was a win-win-win. Although there were few people that her mother remembered, her eyes lit up whenever she saw Luna. And the aide became another Luna lover. Luna had found her calling — streaming catnip for Connie’s mother and aide.
A little toy time therapy for Luna
*By the way — All relationships are different. It’s not unusual for a cat who’s lived with cats before to reject a newcomer.


Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who .....

Removal Of This Feral Cat Colony Could Be Critical
I was recently asked to give my professional opinion on the removal of a feral cat colony from its current location.
The removal, disturbance, or displacement of these felines from their current location could be a death sentence”, I said. It’s because cats have an instinctual “homing ability” which involves scent, visuals, determination and memory. Remarkable, uncanny behavior, but possibly the least understood — this skill of the domestic cat to find the way home from an unknown location.

Homing abilityis poorly understood (even in pigeons), but it may be due to an unusual sensitivity to the geo-magnetic field of the earth which enables [the cat] to keep a compass fix on their home region regardless of distance and direction traveled(Beadle 1977). Perhaps not all cats have the same level of sensitivity, and there are also other factors which can affect a cats homing ability.

These are only a few of the many cats who are homing heroes”.

Holly traveled 200 miles to find her way home

Holly travelled almost 200 miles to find her way home  

And in The Sydney Morning Herald

Jessica walked almost 2k miles home 

Cat walks 2,000 miles across Australia after owners relocate
Daily Mail UK

Missing cat finds his way home on the train

Charlie took the train

Sensitivity and other factors play a part in the homing ability, but these colony cats — being feral with inborn, unflappable determination and focus — their m.o. would be survival. This survival would be home”. And they could die in their pursuit.

My feeling was that it would be best to allow this golden age cat colony to remain in its current home. They have lived there for more than a decade.

Orion's Catitudes
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

Liquid catnip


Happy Hour With Liquid Catnip
Orion prefers his nip in powder or flakes— so he can roll around as he indulges. But he knows that humans will go that extra “nine” yards and more to humanize their cats.  Read more
Agility is only one of a cat's inimitable skills. take a look at this gif of circular agility

Heat, with its built-in relaxation, is a fave of many cats
Olivia zones out on the aquarium

Her cat-mates prefer the softer touch for their heat fix

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