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Larry, Chief Mouser To The Cabinet Office, Remains 
As Prime Minister David Cameron moves out of Downing Street

Larry has been in residence since 15 February 2011, he is the first cat at Number 10 to be bestowed with the official title Chief Mouser. Larry was recruited from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on recommendation for his mousing skills. He joined the Number 10 household and has made a significant impact.

Bo and Sunny are currently the First dogs. But will there be a First Cat in 2017?

Fur Flies
However, there is another cat on the block, Palmerston, and he and Larry did have a tangle.

Japanese Politician Campaigns With A Cat
Let’s hope the cat is a politica-phile. So far, the cat has not made any appearances but rightfully “dominates” all of the photos.

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ..... 

Matilda's Annual Celebration and Cat Fashion Show
to Benefit The Alliance for NYC’s Animals

I look forward to seeing you at Matilda’s annual celebration where I will be available for behavioral tips and Reiki treatments. Wear your cat inspired outfits. If you can’t attend, you can still bid in the Silent Auction. I have donated a phone/video consult with lots of MultiPet Toys.


Orion's Catitudes 
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak on cat issues)

Nine Lives with Kevin Spacey — Who Becomes A Cat  

Orion is a champion and advocate of equal opportunity, but he feels that this is not Spacey’s best role. And the movie’s longevity is not a “nine lives” candidate.  
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 Piper PIXAR’S New Short Before Finding Dory 

Piper, a little baby sandpiper bird, in search of food on the beach has Orion captivated. It’s a hermit crab who befriends Piper and helps with ihs search. And none of the creatures are anthropomorphized.  Read more    ..........                                                                                                              

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                                    Finding Dory  

And on Broadway -- Revival of Cats     

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More On The Many Meanings Of Meow
My June Blog translated the Give-me, Purr and Blissed-out meows to Jim, a client, who was puzzled by his cat’s meows and had engaged me to do a therapy session to explain them. Here are a few more meows that occurred during Sam’s session.

Suddenly, Sam jumped from the couch over to the window sill.  He stared at the window, his lips quivered and he let out a “ch ch ch” sound. 
“Now why does he do that?” said Jim.  
“It’s because he spots a bird, an insect or some other species and his sound is a mixture of extreme excitement and high energy so that it comes out in short repetitive splutters--almost like a foreign   tongue.  I call it the Hunt meow,”  I said. 
Sam soon became distracted, stretched out, belly up, on the rug and  meowed at Jim. “Ok Sam, I’ll come and rub your belly. This is another of your Give me meows."  

I asked Jim if Sam ever encountered another cat?  Jim nodded and told me that once he left the door propped open and as he went out, a neighbor’s cat dashed in. Sam’s back zoomed up in the air,  his ears flattened, back rippled and his cry was chilling. But the interloper was able to zip out of the door before Sam could spring. “I bet you call that the Attack meow,” Jim said. 
“Right-oh!"  I answered. "I call it the Angry Attack meow. You want to get out of Sam’s way when you hear that cry,  Depending on the situation, you might be able to distract him with a piercing thud but you may have to throw something near him to snap him out of it."  
 “If there’s another cat, I’ll remember not to get in the middle,” Jim said. 

As Jim stroked Sam’s head, Sam suddenly jumped down and let out an agonized cry. It was followed by a forward thrust of his head and an up-chuck. “That’s quite a chunk of hair, or fur, to be exact,” I said. 
“Yes, that’s to remind me to brush him more and to give him his gel,” said Jim. “That helps the fur to wind up in the litter box instead of on  the floor.”
I told Jim that was the Panic meow.  Jim cleaned up the floor and Sam returned to Jim’s lap. Very slowly, his tail plumed out and his body filled with purrs. “Now I see he’s resumed the Blissed-out  meow,” Jim said, as he gave Sam a “blissed out” grin.

I Can't Keep My Cat's Teeth Clean
Your cat isn’t big on cat chews. The vet recommended you brush her teeth with a special enzyme feline-friendly toothpaste. It’s even fish-flavored — your cat’s fave. But her anxiety barometer downloads, and your honey babe becomes a Godzilla. What to do? 

Enter Rocky — The Poster Cat for Healthy, Happy Teeth  
Rocky's toothpaste fix is on the rawhide.

Take a look at robust Rocky — the sixteen year old, gent fatale. He licks his toothpaste teeth fix off of a cylindrical shaped piece of rawhide. Although it’s made for dogs, Rocky's taste is species-neutral. It’s a fun time for Rocky. Check out his dental fave fix with your cat’s vet.

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?
Cats love boxes. Orion does. What about your cat?    

Orion was ©whisker waving when Jake Rossen interviewed me for 

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