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Traveling Australia
*** World's Oldest Living Cat 
Thirty, Yes!! A 30-year-old Siamese cat is named world's oldest living cat. His longevity is attributed to “staying active”, and travel is the key. Read more .....

*** A Man And His Rescued Cat Traveling Australia Together
World's Oldest Cat

Resting up for the sessio

The Cat Practice Celebrates Their 43rd Anniversary
In June of 1973, Dr. Paul Rowan and I co-founded The Cat Practice, New York’s City’s first cat hospital, which is now owned and directed by Dr. Eric Dougherty.
Larry, ready to be co-speaker

On Friday, June l7, at 6:30 p.m., I will give a presentation for The Cat Practice Clientele (RSVP Required).

There will be a Q&A and Larry, the resident cat will be my co-speaker. You can contact The Cat Practice for more information.

I look forward to this celebration.

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With scratching posts no need to declaw
The Paw Project
A Brooklyn elementary school principal leads a paw protection program. Read more ..... 

You can also review my article re declawing that I first wrote in 1976  You Can't Declaw With Love.

One option, scratching posts. Here's Biggie on his post from Sisal Rug Direct. This delights his guardian whose furnishings are now catproofed.  See Cat Products at Sisal Rug Direct. Check out their special discounts.

Feral Cat Colonies In New York Are Threatened
Many a feral cat has been the solution and savior for aggressive or troubled cats in my practice -- to the relief and delight of so many guardians. (My cat is a rescued, recovering feral).

Rafaelo Decides What He Prefers
Rafaelo's Reaction To His Cat Toilet Seat 
(Toilet seat angst

“Toilet train your cat with this new special seat. Put away that litter box!” However, I can’t agree that this seat is the new “silver lining”.

I’m reminded of Rafaelo, a year old neutered male.
“My Rafaelo has started to urinate on the curtains and even my bed,” said Elsie. She had introduced him to a cat toilet seat a few months ago. At first he was right on target, but lately he had lapses. A recent vet visit had ruled out any medical problems, and Elsie scheduled a home visit to evaluate the situation.

By the end of Rafaelo’s session I had given Elsie some recommendations to encourage and reinforce his acceptance of his cat seat. They included praise for when he used the seat, a conversation with him when she used the bathroom to form a positive association and to reassure him when she was agitated or stressed that she was okay so he didn’t mirror her angst and re-direct it to conflict with his cat seat.
“Ah, said Elsie, my reactions affect Rafaelo more than I realized." I explained that it was natural that she would be sometimes stressed, so the more she acknowledged it and 'let go' the better it would be for the two of them.

Raphaelo  Happy Tail. Fun downtime
“So what’s Rafaelo’s prognosis?” asked Elsie ”My life is easier when he uses the toilet, but I don’t want him to be stressed on my account.” I told Elsie that I felt it was Rafaelo’s decision whether his preference would be his litter box or the toilet.
She should give him four or five days. If he used the toilet with his kitty seat without lapses, he might continue on. But if before or after, the toilet was not an 'exclusive' she should make his litter box available so he had a choice.
“You don’t want this 'kitty seat' to trigger a medical issue such as a bladder problem, obstruction or constipation. Rafaelo is a young, healthy cat.”

I told Elsie that there were cats who instinctively sought out the toilet of their own accord. There was a family of four with three black cats, litter mates from a rescued mother, who claimed the toilet. It was their own cat-sonal signature. Sometimes there was a line for the toilet.  “I get it,” chuckled Elsie.

As I started to leave, Rafaelo followed me to the door and rubbed his head on my coat. I took this as a sign of gratitude. Elsie grinned and told me she’d be in touch with an update on Rafaelo’s toilet habits and state of mind.

Rafaelo used the toilet for five consecutive days.

It was a toss-up. Rafelo alternated between the toilet, the curtains and Elsie’s bed. So ..... Elsie took out his litter box and the toilet was history. He could not, or would not sustain his relationship with the toilet.
Elsie admitted she was disappointed, but Rafaelo was clearly toilet-sensitive and litter box friendly. “He’s always been my handsome, happy boy, and I want him to stay that way,” said Elsie. I acknowledged her for her integrity and for her 'unconditional love'.

Mooch uses the cat toilet seat
Mooch now also uses the litter box
As I bicycled to to my next house call, I thought about Mooch. She was a cat who, with training, deigned to use a special cat seat instead of her litter box. There were no lapses, and Charles, her guardian was totally pleased with Mooch’s behavior. That is -- until he invited his girlfriend to live with him, and no way, would her cat desert her litter box. So Mooch had the best of two 'facilities', and Charles decided that one compromise could lead to another. 

Orion Celebrates His Alleged Ninth Birthday
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak on cat issues)

Nine is said to be a magical number, and because cats usually land on their feet and survive many a harrowing experience, “A cat has nine lives” has become a universal expression. 

My cat Orion now celebrates his alleged ninth birthday. My sister, Gail, found him online at a kill shelter in Southern CA, and I flew out to adopt him seven years ago. He’s a recovering feral, who was estimated to be two when he was found. 
We will celebrate his birthday with a special Reiki session, extra brushing, dust busting, walks in the hall and my grateful acknowledgment for all the lessons he continues to teach me. 
Dust busting

Orion is Blissed-out after his Reiki treatment
Caroline Kennedy & Tom Kitten

First Cat -- Tom Kitten 

Orion was pleased to learn that Tom Kitten was the First Feline of the Kennedy Administration. He was Caroline Kennedy’s cat and the first White House cat since Slippers -- 1906.    (Great Cats, J.C. Suares)

Orion gives a ©whisker wave to Caroline Kennedy.   

Another ©whisker wave to Blissed-Out Cats Who Follow Their Bliss

Aqua Therapy
The Dude revels in a faucet aqua massage. This physical, emotional catnip mellows his spirits.

The Dude gets his aqua faucet massage during his session

Blissed-out Winter

Winter is another water devotee. The sink is her blissed- out favorite.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe

What fun it was to have, Newt, an adoptee and temporary mascot as my co speaker at the opening of The Brooklyn Cat Cafe at 149 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights. This is the only cat cafe in New York operated by a non-profit animal rescue group --The Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (BBAWC) 
Newt is my co-speaker

Q &A
One of the attendees wanted some possible solutions for the fractious relationship of her two spayed female cats. Her older female was more of the reserved and lounge around type catsonality, whereas the younger cat was a type “A” in every respect. So the older cat spent much of her day out of her companion’s line of action.

“Both cats are frustrated," I said, and so are you. "Clearly, we have relationship-incompatibility.”
 In my cat practice, this is not an uncommon situation, and there are solutions:

You could adopt a playful kitten
Gender Equality
Adopt a vivacious, very playful “male” kitten or adolescent (one who favors cats), who will run races with your youngster, while your matriarchal cat zones out in her comfort zones.

Play Dates   
Arrange play-dates for your younger cat with a neighbor’s cat-friendly dog. This will release some of her high energy, even if she prefers to be mostly a voyeur and there’s no actual play.
Your young kitten could visit a cat-friendly dog

There may be a single cat or kitten your cat can visit whose guardian prefers to have a “per diem” second cat.

Another option would be to arrange daily visits with a young child, a cat lover, whose parents don’t want a cat in-residence but would welcome a feline visitor.

“You’ve given me some fun possibilities, and if I decide on an addition to my family, I’m sure I’ll find the right kitty at this cafe. I might also see if the group can use any volunteers for the cafe or elsewhere.” 

On the subject of volunteers .....
See Mayor’s Alliance NYC Animal Classes & Workshops

Adoptapalooza at Washington Square Park

Monkee -- Now Toddler-Friendly

An update on an evolved relationship. Monkee once either ran from Sima or “hissed” her away.

“Monkee has been letting Sima pet him for a little while now. I can't believe how far they have come, thanks to your visits and what you taught us!”

(Scroll through my July 2015 Blog to read more about Monkee's Transformation).

“And I thank you. A happy cat makes you a happy family and me a very happy person.”

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