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December 2017

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Dear Readers,

Be merry, bright and healthy for the holidays!
Whatever you decide to do, have fun and be oh, so good to yourself. your cat/s will love you for it.

Orion joins in to send holiday greetings
** Lord and Taylor Window 
Click here to start the video
** Rhino's Transformation
Rhino is a young neutered cat who was always people shy, unlike his companion, Cheshire, an attention junkie -- in the fast lane. Rhino was obvious in this fearfulness. One of his major symptoms was to urinate in and about the loft. I recently did a session to relax and inspire Rhino to integrate confidence and courage -- which would end his symptomatic indiscriminate urination.
Session with Rhino and Cheshire
When, Sarah, a graduate student at New York University’s School of Journalism, contacted me to do a short documentary of my cat practice, Rhino’s follow up session was the answer. Notice Rhino’s gain in courage and performanceRead more and see the video.

** Distillery Cats
When brewery workers found a stray kitten trapped in a grain bin, there was little question about what they would do.  

** Catastrophic Creations
Some feline furniture to add to your catmosphere.  Read more

** Cat Sitters
A Free Service to Match Cats With Sitters  
I.D. verification and check up is provided  Read more 

** End of Story

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ..... 

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Triple Trauma Triggers Litter Box Issues
Fess' family. Click here to see the video
(Indiscriminate Urination, Defecation)  

Current Progress Report
“Fess has his own apartment. He now tinkles in his litter box — a huge relief. We know there may be some slips, but what a cool way to start the holidays.”

Unacceptable, periodic litter box habits were Fess’s signature from kitten hood. He was now four years old, and recently this behavior had escalated.

Triple Trauma
There had been triple trauma. Separation anxiety – his littermate had suddenly passed on four months ago; new baby competition; culture shock – the move to the current residence in Montana.

Face Time Session
The tender touch
“Lynn and I don’t want to part with Fess, but this is no way for us to live — especially, with our one year old baby girl,” said Brian during Fess’s FaceTime session.
What a great puss. Those green eyes!”, I said and went on to explain Fess’s deviant behavior. 
Evidently, he was always very sensitive and when anxious, his angst surfaced in indiscriminate urination and defecation to communicate his discomfort and emotional pain. He could hold it together for awhile but when his muscle memory from former stressful feelings kicked in, so did his deviant behavior. These past couple of years had been stressful for everyone, and Fess mirrors it all. He’s the emotional sponge.

Fess’s Apartment — His Comfort Zone
I explained that Fess would be most at ease in a small, protected space. A large movable compartment or showcase which could include all of his creature comforts -- food, litter box, sleeping perch and toys -- would give him the security he needed to slowly recover from his perpetual angst.

Specific Attention
Clearly, they gave Fess caring attention, but they needed to be more specific in their communication of it. They should be sure to mention his name whenever they interacted with the baby so he didn’t feel abandoned. Fess could be complimented for his contribution whenever they praised the baby. “Fess, you picked the perfect baby, and you’re such a great teacher.”
Comforting Fess. Click here 
Security, Transitional Object
The link of music that played during his session should be continuous to reinforce the healing feelings from his session.

A teaspoon of water should be mixed into every meal to aid digestion and inspiration, and their vet might want to suggest a particular food to enhance Fess’s recovery.

Working with Fess. Click here to see the video
Lynn and Brian were pleased that Fess would have a movable habitat so he could be near them when he had to be sequestered. Of course, when they could actually spend time and be with him, his apartment time wouldn’t be necessary.  

Contagious Pleasure
I was so very pleased that Lynn and Brian were pleased. Fess’s return to his litter box gave his shout-out of Me Too!

Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals
Adopt a little New Yorker today. Read about the Mayor's Alliance(If you’re not a New Yorker, contact the recognized animal facility in your hood) You might even decide you want to become a volunteer.

(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

Orion’s faves for December …... 

** The gymnast

** Hamlet's First Christmas
Orion sends whisker waves of holiday greetings to Hamlet — a fellow working cat — on his very first Christmas as Feline Greeter at the Algonquin Hotel. 
Hamlet. Click here for the video
Hamlet has his eye on the glitter ball wand as he makes his moves during his session while his staff cheers him on.

** Running The Numbers   
Ran some numbers. We can't afford the dog.
** Star Wars -- The Last Jedi

The Crystal Foxes in this cool movie may not be as exquisite as cats, but he feels he must nod to their lifesaving action.

Snowball gives Gordon a nod

** Camaraderie and Acceptance for the Holidays
Snowball deigns to hang out with Gordon and will even hang with Jack whom she once rejected because of face recognition after his sudden absence from home. Orion is fascinated by this trio who co-pilot a Cascadia truck. 
Scroll through the April Blog to see Snowball Rejects Jack for the full story.

** And So To Sleep

Orion's whisker waves to deserving honorees

Meli's Vet Visit Spooked Pip 
(Post Vet Angst Triggers Aggression)
Pip and Meli hanging out

Nancy was beside herself. Her two cats, Pip and Meli, were now at odds after Meli’s routine vet visit. This was a first! Their BBF relationship was in shambles. Meli was now the phantom cat who camped out under the bed in the guest room. Nancy couldn’t understand what had happened. They’d been together for four years with no problems at all after a vet visit. Pip was Meli’s mentor. Why now?

Pip Freaks Out Meli
Sir Pip is confused by Meli
I explained to Nancy that Meli probably felt a bit anxious. Pip was undone by it, and Meli became the enemy. His reaction was to hiss at her, because she made him confused and anxious. Also, to him, she smelled like an alien cat because of the different scents from the hospital. This added to his confusion.

A Break-Through for Meli
During their session, I had Nancy tell me how much she loved her cat family, spread some Catnip Garden nip about, intrigue them with toys, and play cat-friendly music in the background. Very slowly and cautiously, Meli made her way from under the bed to inhale the nip. Soon she ran after one of the toys, and Pip appeared on the stairs nearby. They didn’t have a paw to paw meeting, but this was a break-through.
Meli a tad more relaxed

Nancy’s Stressors
I told Nancy not to worry. Their relationship was on the mend.
She nodded and said: “ I’ve had some major changes in my work and personal life. No doubt, this has added to their angst.”
“Time takes time. Tell them you’re okay, and keep breathing so your body doesn’t tense up."
“What can I do to prevent these blow-ups after future vet visits?” said Nancy.

My recommendations included:
  • Upon arrival home, rub cats down with the towel or pad from carrier so they will both have the scent from the hospital.
  • Keep them separate for awhile with some food and nip.
  • Distract them with toys and lots of upbeat chatter when they next greet each other.
  • Relax yourself with whatever makes you happy so they can mirror your reaction -- a bubble bath, massage, meditation, page turner book.
Reiki to Enhance Balance of Good Feelings
I concluded the session with a Reiki chair treatment for Nancy. Pip and Meli would get a contact high from her Reiki treatment.
I really do adore Pip
As we said Good Bye, I reminded Nancy to give me a progress report and told her that the duo’s prognosis was tip top.

Zipper and Pudu's Evacuation During Los Angeles Wildfires
In temporary home
As the many wildfires raged across Los Angeles, I received the following text from Natalie, one of the many evacuees. She was one of my former interns -- a student at Laguardia Music and Art High School, who is now a well known singer-songwriter.

Temporary Refugees -- Major Transition -- Culture Shock
My husband and I were so relieved and grateful to arrive at our friends’ home with our cats, Zipper and Pudu, in their carriers. We started them off in a small quiet room with lots of encouragement to calm down and to gradually eat. By the next morning they were able to explore the rest of the house.
Zipper blisses out with temp BFF
We are so proud of them that they were able to adjust to this major disruption. 
Pudu blisses out with a snuggle
It’s been a heartbreaking week to watch the fires rage across our city. But our furry friends’ adjustment has made it easier for us. 
Natalie G., Los A.   

Holiday Trimmings
As he wrote last year, Orion declares that holiday trimmings can be provocative! Protect Your Cat From The Trimmings And The Trimmings From Your Cat
Your cat may choose to admire the Christmas tree and trimmings. That’s a mutual plus.

Let Me At ‘Em!
But if “let me at ‘em” is the intent, don’t be unwittingly provocative.
Protect your cat from the trimmings, and the trimmings from your cat -- especially tinsel, feathers and pine needles. You may not have to hang your tree from the ceiling, but you could sprinkle some tabasco sauce on “seductive” areas. 

For your cat’s fun attractions offer a pot of kitty grass for some chewy nibbles and also some new favorite toys. And for alternative pleasures, maybe some tissue paper.

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