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July 2014

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Dear Readers,

You’ll want to come and join the fun and fashion of Matilda, the Algonquin Cat and her fur friends at her benefit for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. I’ll be giving Reiki treatments and look forward to saying hello to you. 
Regal Matilda

Venue is the Algonquin Hotel
 Saturday, August 2,  3-7 p.m.

Join in Ringing Bells Around the World for Peace
...... at the moment of the Hiroshima bombing 
Tuesday August 5th, 7:15p.m. 

Carole's Take on Oscar The Cat Who .....

I recently did a distant Reiki treatment for the search of a lost cat by, Kim Freeman, the “Cat Detective”, whose assistant is her cat Henry.


“Your Reiki must be strong because the reunion was wonderful,” Kim reported. 

Rebecca Rocks with her Summer Do 

Rebecca's Winter Do
It’s been said that cats shouldn’t be shaved in the summer. Although they “know” how to be cool, why should they have to “work at keeping cool”. Not when they can have a “lion cut”. 

Rebecca's Summer Lion Cut
Rebecca’s guardian tells how air conditioning is not cool enough for Rebecca.  It's the lion cut that "cuts" the temperature for her and she reverts to her kitten behavior after she’s shaved. A lighter fur load sparks a rejuvenated play load.


Olga dangles the ring
Cary wanted his cat Olga to be in on his engagement in a way that his "intended" would be  "his". So, shortly before she arrived at his apartment, he attached the intended ring to Olga's collar.  With an August wedding around the corner, Olga is now dubbed the "matrimonial magnet".   

Binx -- Torrington Library co-speaker
Take a gander at, Binxie, my co-speaker. Yes, another black cat. Black is indeed beautiful, and the Torrington Library crowd lined up to hang out and chat with him as he chatted back in cat speak, punctuating a question here and there with his resonant meow.
Overweight Foodie 
Go to it Goldie! Fitness, less food

One of the questions was about a cat who was an overweight foodie. She lived to eat.  “You put out the food,” I said to the guardian. “Feed less, and she’ll eat less.” I told him to give smaller feedings with more fiber, maybe some low caloric vegies mixed in with her food. Melon might entice her. Change her focus with enthusiastic play. She might welcome a brushing. Attention is a must. I told him that his cat might be eating out of frustration. Love and attention can outweigh her need for food, but he must be sincere or she’ll “feel” the difference. “You can do it,” I said, “Your chubette will be healthier and happier.” Don’t make her a candidate for diabetes or any other disability.

Outrageous but Creative Behavior 
Why does my cat turn off the lights when I’m in the shower was another question. “Your cat’s trying to get you to see the light,” I  said. It’s the single cat syndrome. The right companion would divert her “creativity” to her new relationship. If a companion, either cat or dog, is out of the question, arrange play dates for her with a cat friendly dog or perhaps she could visit a neighbor  for a change of scenery or a cat loving child could spend time with her.  
Your cat’s talking to you, his/her paws are in your court.

(Orion, a recovering feral rescue, gives his cat-speak on cat and other issues)

Orion Endorses Scratching Post from Sisal Rugs Direct  

You Can’t Declaw With Love is an issue I wrote about in my first book  -- Cats Prefer It This Way -- pub. date 1976.  My viewpoint has not changed. There is a way your cat can keep his claws if you give him/her support with the right encouragement, training, posts and scratch pads he/she can accept and respect.

Checking out his new post from Sisal Rugs Direct
Orion has a new sisal post that he endorses which is made by Sisal Rugs Direct. See Natural Cat Products at 

This is a company in Minnesota that’s eco-friendly. They use remnants of their sisal rugs for the posts. That alone deserves a shout-out. Take a look at Orion and his new post.

The First Scratch
Happy Orion, Happy Tail

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