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July 2015


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One of my cases was mentioned in National Geographic Kids, August 2015. 

Do Pets Have Feelings? by Avery Elizabeth Hurt. 

And youll want to see Mistress America with Greta Gerwig and what happens to her two cats


Next, dont miss INSIDE OUT, an animated gem with exquisite insight on emotions. 

Im reminded of my book CAT TALK, first published in 1979 -- all about a cats emotions.

A Reiki tribute to Cecil, Zimbabwe's treasured lion, his pride - his descendants

I look forward to seeing you at Matildas annual celebration where I will be available for Reiki treatments. http://www.animalalliancenyc.org/wordpress/2015/07/algonquin-hotel-announces-matilda-annual-celebration-party/

Tama, the first station master cat, who attracted tens of thousands of tourists each year to a rural train line in Japan, died last month of a heart attack. She was 16.  

Vibie Continues To Re-Invent Herself
(Geriatric-Golden Years)  

In my January Blog, I told how Vibie at 20 years old, re-invented herself as a lap cat.  Now six months later Vibie has become the wonder cat.  Once again, Edie, one of my trainers at the Apple Store, flashed Vibies selfie, but this time from her Apple Watch. My parents thought they were going to lose Vibie, said Edie.  While they were on a road trip in Canada, Vibies cat sitter texted them that Vibie was in renal failure and hospitalized. Three days later Vibie was released from the hospital and Edies parents made it home that same day. The vet felt Vibie no longer needed daily fluids -- as long as she ate, and they could keep her well hydrated. So Vibie received palliative treatment. Whatever Vibie wanted, Vibie got!
Palliative Treatment -- Hospice Cat
Edies parents cooked white fish and whatever else Vibie craved. There were scattered wee wee pads in case Vibie had to let go before she could reach her litter boxes. They were in close contact with the vet with any changes in Vibies condition.  Vibie was there for most of my life, said Edie. Im so grateful I got to spend quality Vibie time in January. Maybe I can arrange a quick flight home. In the meantime, theres FaceTime.

Carole's Take on Oscar The Cat Who .....  
Susie's Legacy
Susie was always front and center. Misha was her cat in waiting.

But now that Susie had passed on, after a long bout with cancer, Misha has become Ms. Catsonality Plus.

No doubt it was Susie's legacy. 

Monkee's Transformation In Progress

A session with Bear, Monkee & Family
What a relief and pleasure it is to see our two guys as they hang out together. It makes us feel so good to see Monkees long term, aggressive relationship with Bear dwindle away.  Monkees no longer so food-obsessed.  And with baby Sima, he doesnt always run for cover when she approaches him, Nancy texted. We realize hes benefitted from Bears on-going recovery, and the recommendations youve given us to modify Monkees behavior continue to produce breakthroughs for the whole family.
Monkee's Bio
Monkee was adopted at two years old from a shelter where he spent one year in a cage. Its not surprising that food was his major relief (security object) from feelings of loneliness and rejection.  Now ten years later, his food obsession  (OCD) has lived on -- along with his mega weight. Because Monkee is emotionally fragile, he resorts to fight -- aggressive behavior with Bear -- when he feels neglected or threatened. Unlike with baby Sima, although hes toddler phobic, he runs for cover when she moves toward him abruptly or makes lots of sudden noise. His first choice is to run, out of self-defense. But if Sima suddenly invades his space, he may strike out. He clearly senses her vulnerability and does his best to avoid conflict -- not to hurt her. After all shes a baby.
In my June Blog I mentioned that I would write about Monkee's behavioral program. Here are some of the recommendations I gave to chip away at the "fear" that triggers his deviant, defensive behavior.
Monkee's Behavioral Program
Monkee looking Bear's way
  • Acknowledge Monkee verbally whenever Bear or Sima are mentioned or touched so he doesnt feel left out -- and resorts to indiscriminate foodie behavior -- stuffing his emotions to wipe out his pain and fear. Mention his name, even if hes out of sight.  "Right Monkee" or "Okay Monkee" is enough.
  • Give Monkee a heads-up whenever Sima approaches him.  You can say, Monkee, Sima wants to say hello". This will avoid the startle-reflex so he wont feel threatened and scramble away.
  • Simas old enough so you can teach her a little song where she repeats shhhhh which will soothe both her and Monkee, Thats because a cat is very responsive and affected by a persons tone of voice and body language, and Simas rhythm will be low-key and Monkee-friendly.
  • When Sima strokes or pets Monkee, she should stop before he stops her as he is sound and touch sensitive.
  • Set up some safe spots where Monkee can feel his catmosphere is protected. Sisal Rugs Direct makes a large scratching post with a shelf that Monkee can hang out on. Leave a closet door a tad open so he can crawl in and zone out.
  • Divide his food into smaller more frequent feedings. Check with the vet to see if you can add some low calorie vegies to his food -- fiber is filling.
  • Continue to play the recorded music from their sessions to  reinforce and sustain relaxation.
Bear happy cat nap during FaceTime
Delete Chunky
Nancy mentioned they would change chunky Monkee to something more positive to go along with his fitness program. I suggested they could decide on a few different words, and let Sima make the choice. They could do the same for Bear. Maybe he could be called beautiful or mellow Bear.
Sima's On Point With Their Program

Sima looking at cat pics
Bear and Monkee, Bear and Monkee repeated Sima as we did a FaceTime session. Nancy explained that Sima copycatted her version of what she heard them say when they interacted with the cats.  As Sima chatted away,  Bear and Monkee stretched out and Bears whiskers slightly fanned out -- a sign of bliss. Yes, Bear was Simas cat nanny, and Monkee was nanny in training.  He would slowly mirror Bear's behavior.  
Everything Is a Process
Each cat will benefit from the others recovery. There will be break-throughs and fleeting break-downs as they integrate new coping mechanisms. One paw at a time.

The Wilbourn Way Resonates with Child Care
(New Baby Competition)

Stanley considers ....
Stanley is another kitty who is baby and toddler phobic. Henry, his companion, paws and purrs with the flow. During their session, Henry dug right into the tissue paper and toys I gifted. Stanley gradually appeared from another room. Tentatively, slowly and surely he followed Henrys lead. Henry was his role model.

Henry sets the mood
By the end of the session, it was nap time. Henry curled up on the rug, whereas Stanley scrambled off for a private cat nap.

The two babies were asleep upstairs. As I sent off Stanleys case report to Dr. Dougherty of The Cat Practice, (my former digs of 1973-78 where I was co-founder), I remembered how Annie and Jake, their guardians, told me that Stanleys treatment program was similar to what they learned in Child Care.  As Jung would say, there are no accidents or coincidents

Carole's Been Anthologized  .....
In The Big New Yorker Book of Cats.  See Lulu, The Cat The New Yorker Left Behind by Lois Metzer, Huffington Post  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lois-metzger/lulu-the-cat-the-new-york_b_3983154.html



Biggie's passion for his Sisal Rug Direct post delights his guardian whose furnishings are now catproofed.                                                             

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(Orion, a recovering feral rescue, gives his cat-speak on cat issues)

Orion's Whisker Wave

To these blissed-out cats
Leo relaxes while his bunny Issy snuggles in

Qua gives Orion a Whisker Wave 

The orange boys wind down while their guardian decides what to name them 

Tony shoots the dentist

Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals 

Adoptapalooza at Washington Square Park
And you too can make yourself, as well as many a cat and dog happy.  Become a volunteer with the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals  http://animalalliancenyc.org/help/volunteer/index.htm



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