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Matildas Annual Celebration to benefit the Mayors Alliance for NYCs animals was all that it aspired to be and more.

Reiki for Zeus the Fire Chief

Cat Catchy Notable News 

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What do you make of Donald Trumps alleged cat?  

A government office in the southwest shares cat adoptees with their employees for eventual adoption.



Youll want to see the exhibit by the Museum Of The Moving Image --  How Cats Took Over The Internet

And I look forward to seeing you at the next Mayors Alliance Adoptapalooza

Carole's Been Anthologized  .....

In The Big New Yorker Book of Cats.  See Lulu, The Cat The New Yorker Left Behind by Lois Metzer, Huffington Post

Ruined Couches; Litter Box Issues
Com Com
I dont want to part with Com Com, said Nancy, but we cant go on like this.  Com Com slithered his long, handsome body into the living room as Nancy spoke. 
Nancy had adopted Com Com from  a woman who was about to send him to a shelter. He had been declawed at four months, and when he was unable to coexist with her two new cats and dog, he went to live with a friend who returned him when he started to avoid the litter box.That was two years ago, when he moved in with Nancy. 
He was now five, and Nancy had already replaced her couches a few time. His incidents were not limited to the couches and usually occurred during the night. Com Com didnt sleep with Nancy as she was a restless sleeper but had the rest of the apartment to cozily spend the night.
I explained to Nancy that Com Coms litter box issues were triggered by post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He was traumatized by the loss of his original home, his tolerance of stress was overstretched and the removal of his claws made him emotionally more vulnerable. Com Coms incidents of indiscriminate urination and defecation were symptomatic of his angst. His bladder and rectum were his stress targets. When he relived the old occurrences, he had an anxiety attack and avoided the litter box to communicate his discomfort. 

As I spoke, Com Com climbed on to Nancys lap and stretched out as the mp4 of relaxation music played in the background.  So what can I do to make him feel better and dispense with these symptoms? said Nancy.

These are some of the major recommendations I offered to relieve Com Coms PTSD:

Com Coms behavioral program
  • Continue to play Com Coms music which will remind him of his session and reinforce his relaxation and self-confidence.
  • As most of his incidents occur during the night, sequester him in the bathroom with his litter box and creature comforts. Do this in a fun, seductive way.  He may prefer his box in the bathtub, and put a few wee wee pads on the floor as most of his incidents were on a soft surface -- which reminded him of the comfort-contact he had with his mother.
  • Make an appointment with the vet to rule out any medical problems such as irritable bowel syndrome which can also trigger bladder discomfort. A diet change may be recommended.
  • Increase his confidence with your acknowledgments of him:   Com Com, youre so mellow, so courageous, so handsome and relaxed. Whatever makes you feel good will work for him. Hes so sensitive to your voice and body language. Accentuate the positive.
As I said my Good Byes I sprinkled some more catnip on one of Com Com's toys and asked Nancy to follow up with a progress report. 

Nine days later Nancy emailed me:
I want to thank you for guiding me to understand Com Com’s character. He is such a sensitive, intelligent cat. I’ve become more sensitive to his needs. Since you were here he has consistently used his litter box, which is now in the bathtub. He only had to be sequestered for a couple of nights. I leave him food in his bowl before I go to work. He eats some of it but waits for me to return from work before he eats the rest. As he eats,  he looks at me and wants me to stroke him.  If I move away, he stops eating. I now realize that as long as we appreciate Com Com and are sensitive to his needs, he will feel better, slowly recover from his PTSD and won’t have the need to display such un-catlike behavior.

I messaged Nancy that I was so very happy that Com Com was happy, and may he continue to recover.

(Orion, a recovering feral rescue, gives his cat-speak on cat issues)

Grooming is a constant in your cats life. Orions cat speak on this issue is:  After my daily brushing, I want to be dust-busted.

And there are those cats that opt for mutual grooming. Although, sometimes one cat is the master groomer. 

Shanti, one of my former patients is the groomer extraordinaire. Theres mutual pleasure as she grooms, Kitty, one of her younger cat-mates. And theres vicarious pleasure from their guardians who smile on automatic pilot.  

Then there is Iggy who prefers toys to being groomed.

Kitty & Shanti in grooming bliss
Iggy with his toy
Orion has long been an advocate and activist for equal opportunity for animals, and likewise for people. Affordable housing is high on his list of priorities. 
So he is especially a fan of the mini-series, SHOW Me A Hero, on HBO, this Sun at 8 p.m., EST. 

My sister, Gail Mutrux, is the executive producer.  Bruce Springsteen’s music is always a total treat.

Carole's Take on Oscar The Cat Who .....  
Reiki Sparks Trust  
Happy at his guardian’s Reiki treatment
Happy, a young, neutered, five-year-old, received secondary pleasure from his guardians Reiki treatment. 

As I did the Reiki placements for his guardian, notice where Happy placed his paws. Such a statement of trust and intimacy which will enhance and reinforce Happys trust in himself, his guardian and will be transferred to others.

Biggie's passion for his Sisal Rug Direct post delights his guardian whose furnishings are now catproofed.                

Scroll down to Natural Cat Products at Sisal Rug Direct. Check out their special discounts. 


Attack Cat Behavior
(Post Vet Angst) 

“Do you mean that George attacked and bit my leg because Henry didn't want to get into his cat carrier?” said Kate.

I nodded and explained that George's aggressive outburst was a reaction to Henry's angst, combined with a mixture of brotherly protection.  “He redirected his aggression to you because you were the source of Henry's discomfort. ”

But George again attacked Kate that evening near her eye when Henry returned from the vet, and later went after Henry. We separated them for awhile, and finally George was okay,” said Ted. What do you make of it?

George had an anxiety attack. I went on to say that his subsequent attack on Kate was triggered by post vet hospital angst. Henry smelled like a different cat, and George sensed that Henry was somewhat anxious. So we had the ripple or domino effect. He targeted Kate. Henry was next. Georges attack on Henry was a symptom of feline rivalry which is frequently exhibited under angst.

The two cats centered their attention on the toys I provided as we talked. A week had passed since Georgeattack cat behavior, and Dr Napolitano of Westside Veterinary Center, had checked him out and done a blood test to rule out any medical problems. She referred Kate and Ted to me to start George on a behavioral program. If needed, an anti-anxiety drug would be added to reinforce Georges behavioral program.

From Kates follow up email to George and Henrys session:  
Calm and happy together
... Things with George and Henry have been great. We've been playing the recording, making sure we announce our intentions (we are going to another room, sitting down, standing up etc., so we don’t rattle them) as well as really working on making sure we talk about both of them, even if we are actually only interacting with one. We usually say, and you too George or right Henry.
They have been calm, happy, appropriately playful and overall very sweet. George seemed slightly jumpy the last day or so but we think that is because of the construction outside as well as work that started this week in our hallway. Neither one are lap cats but on Monday night I was able to get Henry to sit between Ted and me on the couch as we watched TV! It was so sweet and amazing. George was off taking a nap under the bed which is his usual habit after dinner so no rivalry either! And, yes, we did mention him as we know a cat is always aware even if asleep.
Thank you again for your guidance and advice and we will continue to implement your recommendations.

I emailed Kate that they should tell George and Henry: Were so glad  we have you to coach us through this construction.”  Your mood and verbal emphasis will inspire them and instill confidence rather than instill doom and gloom. You want to reinforce with positive dialog to defer an anxious or uncomfortable tilt.

My feeling as I wrote a case report to Dr. Napolitano was that with their behavioral program, therapeutic music and distant Reiki ( and Henry's relationship would slowly grow healthier and stronger. 

Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals 

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