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Dear Readers,

California May Ban Cosmetics Tested On Animals
Cruelty-free products are available as an option but  ..….. 

March For Our Lives
As we marched along the New York streets and chanted “Never Again” at this gun-control march, I felt at last there was hope. These teenagers have the passion and the personal experience to stay engaged and continue to be the catalysts to bring about the best change.

** A Cat Flip Acrobat celebrates happiness this holiday weekend

** A Unque LED Nite Lite
Light up your Life with your Cat-son-alized Led Nite Lite.   Read more

Denzel & Sophie, all lit up on a Nite Lite
Denzel & Sophie, my Orion's cousins 

David Bowie At The Brooklyn Museum
A stunning exhibit! We were given headphones for the 36 complete songs.  Read more
With Bowie’s song Cat People (Putting Out Fire), the title song of the film Cat People, cat lovers consider Bowie one of their own.
David Bowie's cat
Ziggy Star Dust has always been one of my faves — probably because a couple of decades ago I adopted a feral black kitten for Sunny-Blue, my recovering attack cat. It was the night of a party for David Bowie which was held at a cool Japanese Restaurant where this kitten was in temporary residence. Anyway, I named him Ziggy-Star-Dust, and “long tale” shortened, took him home to Sunny, and theirs became the “relationship of relationships” — best bros forever.
Best Bros forever -- Ziggy & Sunny
They lived together for eight years until Sunny passed on of renal failure.

Sunny’s Legacy
Sunny had always assisted me when I recorded my daily cat tip on my message machine.  After the tip I would say:  “Isn’t that right Sunny?” and he would let out a Siamese meow.  Without Sunny, I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up the tradition.  But one day I decided that I owed it to my cat practice to carry on. As I started to speak, Star-Dust climbed up on a chair beside me.  I decided to follow “his cue”, so when I got to the end of my tip, I said: “Isn’t that right Star-Dust?” He responded with a Siamese meow.  I managed to say thank you without falling from my chair. 
Ziggy Star-Dust

Copy Cat Syndrome — Identity Theft
The next morning was a repeat.  Somehow he had selectively mirrored Sunny’s meow. He took over where Sunny left off.  What a cat!  Now and again someone would mention they didn’t realize Star-Dust was Siamese.  Imagine their surprise when I told them about Star-Dust’s inheritance — Sunny’s legacy. It’s not unusual for a cat to take on selected habits of a former companion. Yes, especially if the companion was the top cat, the leader who had the preferred or select choices.

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ..... 
Only One Cat A Night In The Bedroom
As I drifted off to sleep, I thought of an email that morning from one of my readers. Her groom-to-be was not a cat lover.  

Equal opportunity at bedtime. Three in the bed!!
She had three cats. He didn’t want them in the bedroom. His compromise was that one cat could sleep with them each night. This would cut down on the cat hair. 
Her oldest cat was 14. He had always slept with her, and her other two had followed his lead. Cats were her sleeping companions since childhood. What should she do? 

What a disaster! I emailed  back that I wouldn’t accept such an insensitive demand. But it was her choice. So she could offer to split the night with him and her cats -- or get twin beds. I wondered if this relationship had a healthy future. With that in mind, I snuggled closer to Orion and totally drifted off.

Monkee Made My Day
Monkee is no longer toddler-phobic. Click Here and Scroll down to Monkee's Toddler Friendly Legacy 

Monkee now toddler-friendly


(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

During this time of turmoil and grief, Orion has some Cat Speak to nurture you and your cats:

-- Start with the letter “A” and each day a different letter that describes how kewl your cats are. As you talk, you’ll have a fun connection.

-- Give your cats an extra brushing or combing. A moistened paper towel will also provide them with a rubdown.

-- If your cat/s are on any serious medication and you feel very stressed, you might need to increase their medication.

-- Tight hugs release tension, and tell your cats you’re all okay.

And remember that a family that plays together — stays together.

** Isle of Dogs Event
BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog)   
Roxie Theater becomes a movie house of dogs for Isle of Dogs event  Read more

Orion believes in equal opportunity for movies and movie goers. Let the dogs have their day at the movies for now.

** Dust Buster magic 

Orion prefers to wipe out any doubt with a dust buster massage.
Click Here

** Toy Time
Luna divides her attention between her glitter ball and furry black mouse. She’s of the fickle kind. 
Click Here 

** Bliss spills over

** “All Cats Matter” is Orion’s signature.
All Cats Matter

Hamlet's Hamlet
(Feline Greeter at the Algonquin Hotel) 
Hamlet amidst the flora -- Click Here
I had agreed to be shadowed by a journalist for a podcast interview.
It was Hamlet’s day for a session, and  you’ll notice he pawed right up to the mike. He knows how to strut his stuff. 

A few of the guests pointed their phones his way.  “What a ham,” said one of the guests. “He cracks me up”. I nodded and thought to myself, I knew him when  …. 

Hamlet at the mike Click Here 

Hamlet warms up at his own inimitable speed Click Here 

Hamlet's workout -- on a roll with the glitter ball  Click Here 

Read more and Scroll down to Hamlet’s Hamlet to see Hamlet at work and play. 

Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals
You too can make yourself, as well as many a cat and dog happy. Become a volunteer with the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

Adoptapalooza at Washington Square Park



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