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April 2016

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Dear Readers,

*** On Friday, May 6th, Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (BBAWC), a non-profit animal rescue organization, will launch the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, Brooklyn’s first and only permanent cat cafe and the only cat cafe in NYC operated by a non-profit.

With a prime location at 149 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights, the Brooklyn Cat Café will serve as a place for visitors to relax, drink coffee and spend time with adoptable, rescued cats.

I look forward to seeing you. Who knows? You may win my free phone/video consult.

*** Chicago uses a feral cat patrol to ward off the rat invasion. The cats’ predator pheromones are a key part of the solution. Read more  
On Patrol

*** Movies
April And The Extraordinary World, an animated film, features Darwin, the talking cat, where scientists mysteriously vanish, and a longevity serum is at the forefront. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you  become caught up in this fascinating sci -fi -- an inspiration for kids to make the world a better place.  Read more
April the Movie
A kitten turns up on the doorstep

Keanu, a movie by Key and Peele, features a kitten, Keanu, found on the doorstep of a man, played by Peele, whose girlfriend breaks up with him. When the kitten becomes missing, a best friend, played by Key, comes to the rescue ....   Read more

*** A tribute in Berlin to the artist in the Danish Girl, the movie my sister Gail optioned from the book, sixteen years ago

*** Adopt a Ltttle New Yorker!
Save This Date!
There will be a Mayor's Alliance Adoptapalooza on
Saturday, June 25, at Riis Beach, 12-5 p.m.  Read more

***  Bernie Sandwiches vs Celery Clinton

Snowball Rejects Jack  
(Feline Recognition Crisis)
Wayne's Cascadia that his cats co-pilot
“My Jack disappeared from home the week after Christmas,”  said Wayne. “Somehow he made his way out the front door on the sly. Then last Saturday as I stepped out to bring in the groceries, Jack slipped in. I found him deep in sleep on the couch.”

Wayne went on to tell me how thrilled he was to have his Jack back. But there was a little hitch, maybe two. When Jack disappeared, Wayne didn’t want his ten year old, Snowball, to be alone, so he adopted Gordon, a five year old,  from a nearby shelter to keep her company. That was four months ago. If Jack returned, Snowball would have two guys to admire her.

Although Jack returned his usual, happy, playful, low key self, Snowball hissed at him and kept her distance, whereas Gordon kept a low profile. Wayne knew Jack must be confused by Snowball’s reactions and her chummy relationship with Gordon. He contacted me for a program to restore harmony to his catdom. Rather than a house call to his home in Dallas, he chose a phone consult.

Snowball's favorite truck spot
Jack watch-cat and co-pilot
As I talked to Wayne on speaker phone, his favorite music played in the background. He told me that his wife of so many years passed on last year to a long and arduous battle with diabetes. She was in and out of the hospital which wreaked havoc with their usual life style. Wayne is a truck driver of a Cascadia, 18 wheeler big rig. This keeps him on the road for long stretches at a time. His wife suggested that he take Snowball and Jack along with him so there was no chance that they would be neglected when he was on the road and she was hospitalized. Wayne was both surprised and pleased with his cats’ acceptance of their new “habitat”.  He refers to them as his co-pilots. Jack, particularly, likes the sun and curls up on the dashboard, whereas Snowball chills out in one of her special spots. There’s loads of room so they have their pick.

I told Wayne that Snow Ball was startled, confused and agitated by Jack’s long absence and sudden appearance. You might say she felt “jilted”.  Jack, her once good friend, became an alien. Now her reaction was to withdraw with an attitude.
“So what do I do to clear the air between these two? said Wayne

  • Repeatedly tell Snow Ball how generous she is to invite and welcome Jack back. Sure, she won’t understand your words, but she’ll sense the positive feelings and slowly relax and chill. The more relaxed she feels, the more she’ll refrain from anxious feelings and behavior, Jack will once again become her friend.
  • Indulge her daily with her favorite past time -- which you mentioned is tummy rubs. The massage eases tense muscles, thus tense attitude.
  • Continue to play the relaxation music to reinforce their focused attention during the session. Think of it as their favorite song -- background music.
  • Engage them in play together to inspire hanging out together. Catnip and boxes, paper bags and tissue paper will provide fun places to hide.
  • Arrange for the vet to provide them with a microchip so they can be identified if they go astray.
  • Install a screen door as a barrier to escape from the front door when it’s left open.
Communal Cat Nap -- all 3
Snowball decides to forgive Jack 

Wayne emailed me a few days later with a picture of his three cats stretched out on the bed.  Snowball was now less reclusive, and he’d be in touch to let me know how Snowball and Jack accepted their new co-pilot.

Wayne’s follow-up email -- Well we’re a happy traveling working family, my 3 co-pilots and me.
Gordon off on his own

At 3 a.m. after 45 minutes of chasing each other in the truck and playing Kung Fu Paw, Snowball and Jack tucked in together.

Gordon was the smart one; he got out of the way and went off to sleep on his own. 

Take a look at their pictures. We have you to thank for it.

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Orion's Catitudes 
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue, gives his cat-speak on cat issues) 

Orion is a firm believer in “feline fitness” and how it can be the catalyst for a long and healthy, fun life. There are cats, like Orion, who eat to live and others who live to eat.  

Thirteen year old Merci is a cat who nibbles here and there, whereas, Sam, inhales his food and much of Merci’s when he can. Lin, their guardian, sent the link that solved this dilemma.

Biggie -- King of the Mountain pose

Exercise is a must when it comes to fitness. Play is Orion’s priority. The Sisal Rugs Direct post is one of his favorite ways to scratch away some of his energy along with his pedicure. Notice Biggie who prefers to be king of the mountain with his post. See Cat Products at Sisal Rugs Direct.

Toys are a tireless source of fun for Orion. His love of toys, especially those made by MultiPet was my catalyst to endorse this international brand. http://www.multipet.com/news/press-releases.

Multipet toys are a favorite with Orion

Orion gives a ©whisker wave to Rosie, whose son Bennie sometimes, ruffles her whiskers with his macho play.  

And another ©whisker wave to shelter cats.  Here’s a video that echoes his sentiments.

Rosie the Mom

Bennie the son

Sleep Deprivation

It’s not unusual for a change of season to wreak havoc with a guardian and/or cat’s sleep. I recently paid a home visit to treat Leo Ram’s sleep agenda.  ....   Read more   

Volunteer Extraordinare

Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals    
Spring is the perfect time to join in your cat’s fitness campaign. One way is to become a volunteer for a local non-profit organization. The Mayor’s Alliance, an advocate for NYC’s animals always welcomes volunteers.


Giardi Becomes Violent Attack Cat 
(Aggressive Cat Syndrome)  
As I emailed Giardi’s case report off to Dr. Napolitano at Westside Veterinary Center, where I am in residence, I was confident that his aggressive behavior would be chipped away. Dr Napolitano had prescribed an anti-anxiety drug and recommended that I do a therapy session to provide the best behavioral program, so the drug would take effect sooner and could slowly be decreased and ended.

Giardi becomes confrontational
Giardi had always been a bit of the bully with his companion Bella. When he attacked Bella and drew blood, Callie, their guardian, translated this as an anxiety attack, a cry for help, and contacted Dr. Napolitano who could rule out any medical problems.

Callie had fractured a tendon in her foot. She ended up with her leg in a cast which severely cramped her usual on-the-go life style. Giardi mirrored her angst, frustration and culture shock. It escalated into angst. Bella became his outlet for relief -- his tension target.

Giardi had a precarious kitten hood in Italy where Callie found him with a broken leg and other injuries. He was thrown from a nearby building and landed in Callie’s garden. His fragile beginning has contributed to his emotional baggage. Giardi resorts to “fight” instead of “flight” when he’s anxious. Rivalry plays a major trigger in his aggressiveness with Bella.

Bella becomes his tension-aggression target
Ten year old Bella, as with Giardi, had an auspicious beginning with Callie. Nine years ago, she was rescued from a tree and shortly after gave birth to seven kittens. Unlike Giardi, when she’s anxious, she resorts to “flight”. Apparently, her stress tolerance level is not as fragile or volatile as Giardi’s.

During their session I gave Callie a behavioral program which emphasized how she should communicate with Giardi and Bella to defuse rivalry and to build harmony. Giardi batted and raced around with the toys I gifted. Bella clearly enjoyed them but preferred to kick and bat the toys without a race.

I gave Callie a Reiki chair treatment to end their session. Giardi and Bella would receive a contact high from the treatment which balances mind body and spirit.   (Reiki  Read more)

Their behavioral program should jump start the kick-in of Giardi’s anti-anxiety drug and provide Callie with the best way to interact with her guys. As they learn new ways to cope with stress, the drug can slowly be terminated. Callie may also need to be sedated to ease her anticipation of Giardi’s aggressive behavior.

Callie will be in touch with progress reports so we can all go along at an even tide. As I sent off their case report to Dr. Napolitano I did a distant Reiki treatment for Callie and her guys.

Giardi’s aggressive behavior reminded me of a similar case I  noted in my March Blog. (Scroll down to My Crazy Cat Attacked Me)

A Tribute To Amy's Loss  
(Grief Therapy)
Oscar,  now at peace  

When Amy, a journalist and my Facebook friend, emailed me that Oscar, her seventeen year old cat had passed on, I wanted to send a tribute. A musical link was my decision -- Gymnopedies 1, by Satie and a distant Reiki treatment to ease Amy’s grief. Perhaps later I would offer Amy a grief consult.

Amy’s loss reminded me of a recent email that I received from a client. It was a memoriam, a tribute to her late cat Dusty Blue, whom I had treated.

In Memoriam
My Cherished Angel Dusty-Blue

It will be three years on April 26th that you received your wings. My love for you continues to burn through me. I remember your exquisite face, your loving, trusting soul, your courage. Our soccer games.  So smart, so sweet, so unique. You were my last of five cats I had the privilege of sharing my life with over a span of forty years.  Yet, my cherished boy, you are the one that inspires me and remains so deeply imbedded in my heart and soul.  You were my rescue kitty.  My beautiful kitty whom I found on a website with a number, not a name, next to your photo.  I couldn’t breathe until I got to you.  And, when I did, you and I both knew the heavens brought us together.

To you my Dusty-Blue…
Your mommy loves you and will miss you. 
Until we meet again. Rest in Peace precious boy.
Cherished Angel Dusty-Blue 
April 14, 2000 – April 26, 2013. 

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who  ..... 

Dusty Blue’s Memoriam reminds me of Oscar the cat whose extraordinary timing I was asked to explain.

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