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November 2016

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Dear Readers,

As we share our Thanksgiving Day, let us all take a breath for a tribute of love and silence for all of those lives lost in the recent outbreaks of world-wide terror attacks and give gratitude for those who cared for the displaced and injured. And let us work towards a peaceful transition of power to President-elect Trump.

I will share my holiday with my sister Gail and husband in Los Angeles. We will see Street Cat Named Bob on Friday. My cat, Orion, will welcome his favorite cat sitter to indulge and entertain him. For extra kudos a number one friend will stop by. Orion loves company.

Confirm arrangements for your cat/s care if you plan to be away.
Email from Orion's cat sitter with visual additions

A Home For Thanksgiving

Mutual love
20yr old rescued Dexter welcomed by family dog

When a family adopted a 20 year old cat from the shelter, they never expected how much love he had left to give.
Read more.

NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Orion gives a special sterling ©whisker wave to the Mayors Alliance for the provision of the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) Certification Workshops, available to the five boroughs of New York City.   

Read more ....

Carole's Take On Oscar The Cat Who ..... 

Farewell To Leonard Cohen, Epic And Enigmatic Songwriter
Leonard Cohen, the late poet laureate of music, shared his life with Jackson, aka Jacques, a cat who once roamed the neighborhood. Read more.
With Jackson at home in L.A.

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Orion's Catitudes                                                                                                                    
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue gives his cat-speak and ©whisker waves on cat issues)

Bo and Sunny are our current “First Dogs”. Orion wonders if there will be future occupants in 2017.

A Street Cat Named Bob
This film is based on the book of the same name by James Bowen, the true story of how a British, stray, ginger cat transformed this drug addict’s life. Orion, a former street cat, heartily recommends this cool cat’s story. It takes one to understand one. Read more.

Orion has 5 ©whisker waves for Bob

Lucy and her diamond eyes

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Lucy was recently adopted from a Berkeley/Oakland Shelter. Her eyes were irresistible — like diamonds.

NASA Sleep Promoting Light Bulb
If your nocturnal biological rhythms keep your cat awake and/ or your cat’s behavior interrupts your sleep, check out the NASA Sleep Promoting Light Bulb from Hammacher Schlemmer that appeared to enhance sleep — with a lifetime guarantee. Read more.

Withdrawn And Depressed
(Ari's recovery) 

"Ari, my 15 year old is not himself. He’s withdrawn from my attention, ignores his companions and mostly stays by a corner of the couch,” said Lana. After a home session of a behavioral program and Reiki, he slowly emerged and recovered. I was happy to write about it in my October Blog ... scroll through to Ari's article.

Ari's back! With litter mates Ben and Rosie
A Few Days Later – Lana was in the dumps:
Ari was making great strides since his session. But now he’s regressed and is back behind the sofa.” I reminded Lana to continue with their music and to sincerely acknowledge him. I told her he might have a few break-downs, but not to worry, the break-throughs would follow.

Acknowledgment Heals – Lana wrote:
Ari’s now doing Ari things; like he play-fights with Ben, comes to me for scads of affection and has resumed his other usual Ari behavior. Thanks to acknowledgment and The Wilbourn Way.”

Reiki The Tie That Binds
As I sent Ari and his companions a treatment of distant Reiki, my cat Orion climbed up beside me on the couch — always front and center for the emotional catnip. I acknowledged Orion for his cat-born wisdom.

Sleepless in Brooklyn
(Nocturnal Angst) 
I can deal with Lloyd’s download of continuous yowls during the day, but it totally freaks me out during the night,” said Adam. “It’s not so easy to get to work in the morning with a clear head.”
Lloyd beckons Adam to tuck in
Medical Baggage
Lloyd was a street cat when Adam found him, about two years old and probably abandoned. Lloyd has a chronic skin allergy which is treated with medication and visits an allergist. So he is emotionally and physically fragile.

Separation Anxiety
As I listened to Lloyd’s case history, the main trigger for his disruptive yowls became obvious — separation anxiety. Adam’s girlfriend had moved out — together with Max, her cat and Lloyd’s companion. Although not a terrific match, Max was company for Lloyd.

Lloyd’s meow mantra is symptomatic of his senior cat status, lower stress tolerance, physical and emotional fragility, current single cat syndrome, abandonment syndrome, reaction to early traumatic muscle memory, and Adam’s biological sleep patterns.

Lloyd in his box

During his session, Lloyd either curled up in one of his favorite boxes, was intrigued and soothed by the sound of my voice, along with the music, savored the nip and toys I gifted and gazed at my iPad. When I suggested that Adam hang out on his bed, Lloyd climbed up beside him, without a meow meltdown. This would create a peaceful precedent for Lloyd’s bedtime compatibility.

Treatment Excerpts to Delete Lloyd’s Meow Mantra
  • Soothe Lloyd with the link to his music which will reinforce the desensitization of his session
  • Decorate a large box for him to hang out in
  • Divide his daily food so that he has a bedtime snack that can be eaten during the night
  • Distract his focus with a toss of a toy, tight hugs or/and sound of your voice when or before he starts to yowl
  • Either sequester Lloyd at bedtime or in the wee hours with his creature comforts. Do this is in a positive way, so that it’s his special space — a treat!
  • Create a positive reaction. Tell him how calm and mellow he is.
  • Have your iPad or computer tuned to an action site so Lloyd can get his visual fix.
I also recommended a vet visit to evaluate Lloyd’s general health picture and blood chemistries. (Refer to my October Blog -- Sleepless On The Upper Westside -- where I treated Sappho, a geriatric kitty).

As Adam definitely had Lloyd’s back, his recovery was decent, but it would take time to integrate new coping mechanisms. If his blood work was unremarkable, an anxiety drug could be added to support and reinforce his behavioral program to relieve his symptoms of angst.

Progress Report
Lloyd’s exam revealed a slight heart murmur and irregular blood pressure, so he was started on daily medication. No other irregularities. The medication could help to ease Lloyd’s angst.

Adam told me how Lloyd was back to his old sleep patterns. He now and again interrupted Adam’s sleep, but he did this before Max’s departure.
But you can’t be sleep deprived,” I said.
No, not to worry. It’s really okay. With a few strokes and acknowledgment, Lloyd nods out, with me beside him. If not, he spends the rest of the night in his private digs — the bathroom. I get my needed nods. And maybe I can arrange for a second cat when the time is right.”
Okay. If you’re okay, I am too,” I said.
By the way,” said Adam, “now I totally understand Lloyd’s meltdowns and how to react. Anyway, he was always a talkative cat.”

Monkee's Toddler-Friendly Legacy Has Evolved

Monkee no longer toddler-phobic
Bear, Monkee’s late companion, was unflappable with baby Sima, whereas, Monkee either ran from Sima or hissed her away. But Bear bequeathed Monkee his role of “cat nanny” and winsome ways with Sima.

Sima strokes Monkee

No longer, toddler-phobic, Monkee will allow Sima to brush and even stroke him.

(Read more — Scroll through May 2016 Blog to Monkee, Now Toddler-Friendly)

Monkee The Cat Nanny 
October 6, baby Alan was born.  Monkee, was once a nanny “in training”, thanks to Bear. But baby Alan has totally transformed Monkee to cat nanny supreme.

Take a look at the Monkee - Alan line-up.
Cat Nanny Monkee blisses out with baby Alan

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