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Dear Readers,

Please join me and my feline co- speaker, Tuesday, Dec 10 when I present as part of the lecture series, Safe and Sound Hounds.
SSH is an educational series and resource center for guardians of animal companions with emotional and behavioral issues.Various speakers will present on such topics as behavior, health, and legal issues. All proceeds from events will go to animal charities. 

Orion with Peyton
Orion, an equal opportunity advocator, endorses my presentation in the SSH lecture series.
Venue: The Open Center
22 East 30 Street, NY 10016 
Date: Tuesday, Dec. l0, 2015  Time: 7:00 p.m.

Admission is $20, but SSH is a non-profit organization and all proceeds will go to the designated charity.

Orion and His Halloween Black Cats
Wish you and your animal companion(s) lots of spooky spunk!!!

Cat Town, Oakland CA, Super Special Anniversary
Since partnering with Cat Town Cafe, this rescue group’s adoptions and foster home care has increased by 250%. 

Cat Town is also partnered with Oakland Rescue Services

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Mimi Rejects My Husband
(New Husband Competition)
Ollie's cat Julie
“My husband, Ollie, tries so hard to get my cat, Mimi, to like him,” said Mary, “but no dice.” As Mary spoke, Mimi focused on her toys. I told Mary we would spend the first part of the session with her and Mimi. We would continue with Ollie and his cat Julie. 
Mary found Mimi in the street when she was only a few weeks old. That was fifteen years ago. She was terrified, and Mary walked a fine line before Mimi “let down her fur”. She slowly warmed up to some of Mary’s friends — preferably, the women.
Mary's cat Mimi and her toys
Last year Mary married Ollie. He moved in with his cat, Julie, a ten year old senior. When he adopted Julie she was the only cat at the shelter. There were 38 dogs. Julie has asthma which is controlled with medication. So now for Mimi in her geriatric years and Julie, a senior cat, their cat-mosphere became totally askew. But when Julie coughed and Mimi brought her a favorite ball, clearly, their relationship turned the corner.
Not so for Ollie. “Whenever I stroke her or sit down next to Mimi, she responds with either a tail flick, a hiss or ambles away — sometimes all three,” Ollie said.

“Ollie, the ball’s in Mimi’s court,” I said and explained that Mimi had to be the initiator of their interactions. She was overwhelmed and startled by his “advances”. It kind of threw her whiskers over the edge. "You mean she became overstimulated?” Ollie said. I nodded and told him, "Consequently, she overreacted. Here’s what you have to do:
  • Let Mimi make the advances --  If she sits nearby, talk to her. Don’t touch! You don’t want to threaten her. If you do stroke her, stop before she stops you. This way she’s left with a calm, neutral feeling.
  • Acknowledge Julie verbally -- e,g. Julie, Mimi is looking super healthy today. This will prevent Julie from feeling anxious and “left out” which could only add to Mimi’s distant reactions to you, It’s best not to blur the relationship boundaries. Julie is your number one cat as Mimi is Mary’s. And Mary, remember to acknowledge your Mimi whenever you interact with Julie so she doesn’t hold a grudge, even if you think Mimi can’t see or hear you.”
Mary chuckled and mentioned how well she knew that a cat’s radar hash tagged (#) and downloaded what we humans only wished we could.  “Mimi certainly knows when someone’s at the door when I don’t have the slightest clue.”

I reminded them to “announce” transitions in their movements so they wouldn’t startle or rattle their girls. Ollie remarked how sometimes Julie would start to sit upright if he suddenly stood up or the phone rang. “So if I say something we’ll be in sync,” said Ollie.
Mary remarked how Mimi loved to hang out in the sun or any warm spot. I told her a cat-friendly heating pad would please Mimi. “Heat’s a relaxer, a wonderful comfort for Mimi’s geriatric bones.”

I'll Get Over This Allergy
That evening as I thought about Ollie’s relationship with Mimi, on another note there was Leo and Mac, his guardian’s new beau. When Mac found out Nanette, Leo’s guardian, had a cat, he panicked. 
He was allergic to cats. Nanette, a Brit, who would soon return to the U.K. when her company’s work ended in New York, was passionate about her two year old Leo.  She had adopted him from a friend two months ago. Now that the U.K. no longer had a cat quarantine, Leo could board Nanette’s flight, with the proper restrictions. 
Mac knew that he could fly to the U.K. to see Nanette. The distance was not the relationship-breaker. His allergy was. Anyway, he told himself he would have a break-through, and he did. With the help of an over-the counter antihistamine, very gradually Mac increased his visits to Nanette’s apartment and soon he could even touch Leo without a loss of breath or continuous coughing. His motto was “easy does it”.  Now Leo would have an extended international fan club. 
(More on allergies — Scroll through 
Options to Relieve Jane’s Cat Allergy)
I told Nanette to start Leo off in a small room with all of his creature comforts and the musical recording from his therapy session for reassurance and confidence. When she feels he has settled in, she can slowly introduce him to the rest of their new home. As Leo is a catnip lover, a bit of nip in each room will mellow his feelings. A dab of butter on one of his paws will distract him from his new situation as he licks away the butter. I reminded Nanette to tell Leo this is a new adventure, and that he’s such a winner when it comes to adventure. As she relates this in a calm, low key but enthusiastic tone, Leo will be inspired and mirror her intent and feelings. “He’s sure to pick up on your happiness to be home again,” I said.  “Home is where the heart is.” 

Bear's Legacy To Monkee
Sima with Mom & Dad and Bear and Monkee
It was always Sima and Bear, with Monkee slowly joining in. But now it’s Sima and Monkee.
When uncontrollable diarrhea, spraying and immobility in his hind legs set in, Bear’s thirteen years of life had to be gently ended with veterinary assistance. His kitten hood had started with seizures and g.i. issues that were controlled with medication and prescription food. But the puddles of “misplaced” urine and spraying that never totally stopped, were Bear’s troubled and constant cat-speak for help. I started working with Bear several months ago. His treatment included behavioral, emotional, music and Reiki therapy. There were break-throughs, but Bear couldn’t sustain his road to recovery. He needed auxiliary support to reinforce his program. Xanax was the missing ingredient. 
Finally Bear had a recovery program that enabled him to slowly and steadily recover from his life-long physical and emotional angst. He groomed with ease, was more affectionate, and no more spraying. 
Working with Monkee and Bear 
But now several months later, Bear had a major, critical break-down. The suspected problem was a mass in his abdomen. But no more tests or procedures, Nancy and Michael wanted to avoid any more pain for their Bear. It was his time to reach his end in peace, surrounded by their love.

Monkee was adopted at two years old. His major relief from feelings of loneliness and rejection was food. It’s ten years later and his OCD has lived on with his mega weight. Monkee is emotionally fragile and resorted to “fight” with Bear when threatened. He is toddler phobic and “flight” was his response to baby Sima if she moved abruptly or spoke loudly.

As I worked with Bear and Monkee, his fear slowly subsided. His stress tolerance increased. Monkee and Bear could hang together without a feud. He even sometimes stretched out by Bear when Sima was nearby. What a change! (
When I arrived for Monkee’s and his family’s grief and restoration session, he greeted me at the door. He remained front and center with Sima for the rest of the session. Monkee had started his transformation while Bear was alive, but now it was in full force. Also, there was no cat competition or rivalry so he was the top cat — perhaps something he always wanted. But my feeling is that he inherited some of Bear’s winning characteristics and habits — Bear’s gift, Bear’s legacy. 
Sima and Monkee
I ended the session with a Reiki treatment
and when I left, both Monkee and Sima followed me to the door. 
Bear's Memorial
Handmade Lavender Heart By Karin Ripp
Sima hugged me and said “Bear’s pictures”.
“Sima asks to see pictures of Bear every day,” said Nancy and Michael.

Bear will always be part of their family. His ashes and lavender scented heart are his forever memorial. 

Orion's Catitudes
(Orion, a recovering feral rescue, gives his cat-speak on cat issues)
Orion gives a whopping whisker wave and is beautifully blissed out about Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey. They will transform their New Jersey farm into the latest farm sanctuary for “neglected animals”. This will be the fourth sanctuary affiliated with Farm Sanctuary which was founded in 1986 to combat factory farming and inspire awareness about mistreated farm animals.


Biggie's passion for his Sisal Rug Direct post delights his guardian whose furnishings are now catproofed.                

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Carole's Been Anthologized   

In The Big New Yorker Book of Cats see Lulu, The Cat The New Yorker Left Behind by Lois Metzer, Huffington Post


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Shady's Rally With Cancer
In my September Blog I wrote about Shady. 

After chemotherapy for a cancerous tumor in his thigh, he had litter box issues. I did a session with Shady and soon after received the following email from his guardian:

I thought you’d like to know that my shady is doing wonderfully — completely back to his box for the last two weeks. No more puppy pads, and my furniture is now uncovered. Many thanks for your help.

But a couple of weeks later:
Unfortunately, Shady’s cancer has returned, and there are no more medical options. He’d been doing very well — was back to his usual Shady self — when he suddenly developed a terrible cough. I will do all that I can to make Shady comfortable until he’s ready to go. No heroics.
I appreciate all you did to help me through Shady’s readjustments after his cancer treatment this summer. It made a world of difference that restored his dignity and got him on track to being a much happier cat.
The very best to you from both my big guy and myself.

I sent a distant Reiki treatment to Shady and contacted Tara, his guardian, to convey my sorrow and to arrange additional Reiki treatments which would be particularly comforting in Shady’s end-of-life compassionate care (

Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals 

Adoptapalooza at Washington Square Park
And you too can make yourself, as well as many a cat and dog happy.  Become a volunteer with the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals


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