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For The Love Of Animals

There are many retirement and assisted living centers for retirees and their animal companions.  

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Peter, The Middle Cat, Feels Betrayed
(Inter-Cat Hostility, Indiscriminate Urination)

Peter & Armando hanging out
Peter will sometimes hit Armando, said Tanya at the start of her phone consult. She had adopted Armando as a kitten fifteen months ago. Her oldest cat had passed on, and Tanya felt she could comfortably keep her cat population at three. Peter who was now twelve years old had an amicable relationship with Jasper, who was one year his senior. Tanya realized that lately Armando would cower when Peter cornered him. But there were times when theyd sprawl out side by side. And Armando brightened up when Peter played with him.

Jasper was diagnosed hyper thyroid in
Peter & Jasper wind-down time
January and was now on transdermal medication, and Peter has bouts of psychogenic dermatitis where he overgrooms.
I know this is a symptom of stress, said Tanya, and Peter was a feral kitten when I adopted him. Hes come so far in his adaption to a loving-giving house cat.

Puddles of Urine
Tanyas main concern was that Armando would periodically ignore his litter box and urinate on the floor or a soft surface. The vet found no medical issues. Tanya tried various cat litters and had extra boxes which she scooped frequently. 
Its Peter whos the main discontented cat in this trio, I said. I told her how he was the baby until Armando arrived. Now hes the middle cat.
Peter feels betrayed -- even though Im sure you dont neglect him, he hasnt been able to accept Armando.  Peter feels unloved so he picks on Armando who now urinates here and there to communicate his angst.
Its the ripple effect. But there are ways you can show and communicate to Peter that you havent neglected him, at no loss of attention to Armando or Jasper.
Treatment Plan 
-- Play Time
Engage Peter and Armando in play, Jasper, too, if he feels inclined. Be enthusiastic so your actions are contagious. Repeat play times two or three times a day. This will slowly un-blur their boundaries. Theyll become more communal instead of bookends. This play time will definitely chip away at Armandos angst so his bladder wont be so uncomfortable.  Peter will feel very included and Jasper will reap the harmonious feelings even if he chooses to be a voyeur.
-- Acknowledgement
Dont you feel cool and terrific when youre acknowledged and sometimes left-out when youre not,  especially when those around you are being noticed? Okay. Well, your cats feel left out, especially Peter, when Armando is the center of your attention. You can defuse this angst by the verbal mention of Peter and Jasper when youre talking or touching Armando and vice versa. It can be as simple as Right guys? or "Isnt that so Peter and Jasper?" Your mention and acknowledgment can be as chatty as you feel. If you slip up, Peter will possibly overgroom.  Hell also direct his discontent to Armando who will have an anxiety attack and ignore the litter box --  indiscriminate urination.  Jaspers thyroid gland and indigestion may also be stressed. 
-- Food and Extras
Vitamins: Peters skin would certainly benefit by an anti-inflammatory aid such as the omega 3 fatty acids in powder, flake or liquid form. This helps to promote healthy skin and has other health benefits good for Jasper and Armando. Your vet may have a favorite supplement.
Food: Should be bladder-sensitive to especially nurture Armando who has a sensitive bladder.
Extras: A hot water bottle or cat friendly heating pad is effective for relaxation.
Play the music from their consult repeatedly to create a positive association. It will increase their relaxation.
A new scratching post/pad will add to their happiness. The more the merrier.

Tanya remembered that she probably doted over Armando when she introduced him which sent Peter slowly over the edge. I gave her my links to  a new kitten introduction/competition for future reference.
I also told her that she could find all of this information in my books.

Tanya told me now she realizes that Peter and Armandos unacceptable behavior is symptomatic of their physical discomfort and  emotional angst. Her behavior would be the key to their forthcoming acceptable behavior.

Pusein Beats Up Felix 
(Post Vet Angst)  
Felix in his window penthouse
“Pusein charged Felix because she was a bit disoriented after her trip to the vet,” I said to Carrie and Art. 
They told me how Pusein threw herself at Felix after she stepped out of her carrier. That was yesterday. They were now in separate rooms, because Pusein was relentless with her terror attacks.
As I turned on the music and sprinkled catnip on some tissue paper for Pusein, they told me that Felix was hanging out in his feline penthouse (take a look). He was eleven years old and still very much the James Dean, Brad Pitt type, whereas, Pusein, one year his senior, was not your Angelina Jolie.
I gave Felix some nip, left his door ajar and returned to Pusein who was in a catnip happy glow. “Wow, quite the transformation,” said Carrie. 
Pusein vis a vis nip

Why is she such a terror with Felix? asked Art.
I explained that when Pusein returned from the vet, Felix was a bit undone because she smelled like an alien; hospital scents. Pusein became threatened and fearful. Felix became, the enemy, her tension target.
Felix has joined us, said Carrie. “He must feel confident now that weve had our conversation.
Felix vis a vis nip
Yes, I said, as Pusein relaxed, he did too and he felt he could make an appearance.

While Pusein basked in her catnip, Felix catapulted about. I recommended that Felix would welcome the companionship of a young child to play with him. They could check out their building for a candidate. Pusein could savor the fun from a distance -- a vicarious high.

Yeah, well play with him more. He probably becomes frustrated when Pusesin gives him the cold whisker, said Art.
Remember to separate them while the going is good, and repeat each time with longer intervals -- until finally they can hang out without incident. I'll be sure to send a case report to Dr. Dougherty at The Cat Practice, my old cat digs.  I was co-founder of  The Cat Practice back in 1973-1978.

I presented a treatment plan in case there was a future incident where more time off was needed:
Post-vet Angst Treatment Plan 
  • After a vet visit, give the cats their own private space with all their comforts and play the music from their session to relax them.
  • If they are still at odds when you put them together, you may need to put a screen or gate on the doorway of his or her room so they can see each other without physical contact. This allows them to act out without any bodily harm. Ignore the loud hissing and meowing.
  •  Place their food on either side of the barrier so they cant avoid seeing each other.
  •  Play with them on either side of the barrier to create good feelings at a distance.
  •  Maybe a pinch of nip to create a fun cat-mosphere.
  •  No manipulation.  Dont say why arent you friends.
  •  After a few days of peace, you should be able to remove the barrier for short periods. Distract them with play or treats and repeat this two or three times a day. 
Carrie's message the next day: 
Peace reigns here!! You really know what you’re doing!
NO fighting at all!!  Both hanging out together in the living room. And no howling in the night!
Thank you,

Bear In His New, Safe Habitat 
Read Bear's story. Click on the link below and scroll through the archived Blog for March 2015.

Urine Spray Splatter  
(Outside The Box)  
Jason's Dstant Reiki Treatment on FaceTime
Our seven-year-old, neutered Jason is a super hero, Shana told me on Face Time. 
Hes such a love that he allowed the vet to clean his teeth without an anesthetic. We adore him .... but for one habit. He sprays over and outside the litter box. He hated the covered box, special cat-friendly litters, and even with a larger, higher box, he still sprays over the rim. Jason has extended play times and lots of toys which he tosses about, and a vet exam ruled out any medical problems. Whats your take on Jasons statement?

Perhaps, Jason wants his box in a different spot, I said. Why not place his box in the bathtub, and praise and acknowledge him whenever he uses the box. This change of scenery may slowly end his spray splatter.

I told Shana to continue to play the link of music I emailed to reinforce the relaxation from his session. Jason may realize his old ingrained message of Im me, notice me doesn't have to be communicated by a spray. Hes without exception your hero extraordinaire.

I closed Jasons session with distant Reiki to balance his mind, body and spirit. To be sure, I included Shana in his treatment.

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