Sunday, January 13, 2013

  Why Cats Act Out

More and more these days, people keep their beloved cats indoors, away from danger and contagious diseases. This is great for their physical health, but the cats often become isolated from other people and animals, becoming more emotionally and psychologically dependent on their people than they would be naturally.
Unfortunately, the cats' guardians are often over-stressed, and short on time and attention these days. Since the cats can't change their situations or "talk out" their frustrations, they act out when they're unhappy, like a baby would!

Don't Lose Hope! Help is available

Don't lose hope! Most cat behavior problems can be cured quickly and easily with some understanding, effort, and caring.
We will be bringing you Archives of free Cat Behavior Advice on a number of issues. Compiled from Carole's columns these pages can help you understand why your cat is misbehaving and how to cure it. 

Does your cat have a problem? Carole can help you understand and cure it.

  Does one of the statements below describe your situation?  

-- Does your cat avoid the litter box?  
-- Does your cat keep you awake at night? 
-- Is your cat aggressive with you, or other people?   
--  Is your cat destructive or a victim of Single Cat Syndrome?
-- Is your cat a closet cat? 
--  Do your cats feud constantly? 
--  Is your cat fixated on food?
--  Do you worry about introducing a new baby, roommate, or spouse to your cat? 
-- Is your cat reacting badly to another family member, or companion animal?   
If you answer "yes" to one question above, your cat may need therapy. Two "yes" answers indicate s/he's really unhappy and you both need help.

Carole makes house calls coast to coast, and consults by telephone worldwide. If you would like to get Carole involved, click here and we will arrange your appointment.

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